The 5 Secrets of Motivating Your Sales Team

Motivation seems to be one of the toughest areas to get a handle on.  Many managers tell me that some of their reps are already motivated and don’t need their help in that area (usually the Top 20%), but that the majority seem to need constant motivating, mentoring, counseling, or out right babysitting.  Sound familiar?

When asked what to do, I tell them there is only so much they can do because true motivation comes from within — in other words, each member of their team is already motivated.  There are, however, 5 things you can do to get the most out of your sales team and keep motivation and morale high.  Here’s what they are — 

#1) Make your monthly revenue goal, and each rep’s part of that goal, crystal clear.  I’m sure you have a monthly revenue goal, but does each member of your sales team know what their specific part of that goal is?  (Hint — it’s not all equal).  Recognize that some reps will produce much more of the overall goal than others, but also make sure each one is clear on what their part of that overall goal is.

#2) Individualize the bonuses or prizes.  The problem with most bonus programs is that as soon as they are released, over one-half of the sales team knows they can’t win so they are more discouraged than encouraged to produce.  Customize each rep’s bonus based on their individual production goal.  This ensures every body has a chance to win and thus will be motivated. 

#3) Get out of your office and close some deals.  Most managers are way too busy in meetings, or reporting, or just plain hiding out to be really effective.  Remember one thing — as the manager, you are the leader.  And leaders lead by example.  Want to motivate your team, make your numbers, and create real value for yourself?  Go onto the floor and close business for some of your sales reps and help them make their revenue goals.  This is the most important thing you can do not only for your bottom line, but for your team’s motivation as well. 

#4) Invest $100 in a couple of trophies.  The best money you’ll ever spend — make one a “Weekly most improved” or “Best effort” and hand it out each Monday morning.  Each winner gets to keep it on their desk that week.  The other trophy can be either “Most deals,” or “Most new clients” or whatever other category everyone has a chance to win (as long as it is revenue related).  Again, hand it out in your Monday morning sales meeting, and each week the winner gets to keep it on their desk.  Rule #1 in motivating: recognition among peers is almost always more important than money. 

#5) Have some fun!  Go to a toy store and buy one of those beanbag tosses, and after lunch on Friday make some teams and have some fun playing as a team.  Tack on $50 for good measure and watch the competition and fun build your team and dissolve stress.  This works – try it! 

So there you have it.  Inexpensive, proven techniques to build morale, motivate and make more money.

Want a bonus?  Invest in and give each member of your team a copy of my new CD series , “The Secrets of the Top 20% – How to Double Your Income Selling over the Phone.”  That alone will turn some of your sales reps into Top 20% producers and then they will forever be motivated from within — the ultimate motivation!