Six Ways to Handle the "I'm Not Interested" Blow Off

Today you’re going to get six ways to handle the “I’m not interested” blow off. Did you notice that I didn’t call that an objection, but rather a “blow off”? The first thing you must recognize about blow off statements – things like “Just send me information” or “We don’t have the budget” or “I’m not interested” etc., is that these are not objections. Instead they are simply resistance statements meant to blow you off.

You use blow off statements all the time. Think about your response to a sales rep at a department store who asks you, “Can I help you find something?” Your typical response is probably something like, “Oh, I’m just looking.” That is not an objection (because the sales rep hasn’t pitched you anything yet), but instead it’s simply a resistance statement designed to blow you off.

The key to handling resistance statements is NOT to try to overcome them, but rather, to simply acknowledge and then move past them. And that’s what the following “I’m not interested” rebuttals listed below teach you to do.

As with all scripts, adapt these to fit your product or service and your personal style. Once you have, then practice, drill and rehearse these until they become habit. Here are six ways to handle the “I’m not interested” blow off:

“I’m not interested”

(Remember, your goal here is not to overcome an objection – but instead to acknowledge this initial resistance and qualify for interest.)

Response #1:
“That’s fine _________, and many people I speak with tell me the same thing as well. And as they learn more about this and see what this can really do for them, they were glad they took a few minutes to listen.

One thing that would be a good fit for you is….” (Continue on with your pitch, briefly, and then ask a qualifying question like, “Do you see how that would work for you?”)

Response #2:
“I didn’t expect you to be interested ________, you don’t know enough about this yet. But like me and everyone else, I do know you’re interested in (provide a benefit here – saving money, increasing production, return, etc.) and that’s why I’m calling.
Let me ask you a quick question: if I could show you how you can (provide your unique benefit here) and even save you (time, money, etc.) wouldn’t you be happy you took a few minutes to find out how?”

Response #3:
“I know that _______, heck if you were interested you’d have called me! (Say this with a smile in your voice 🙂 But seriously, I know you get a lot of calls, and every now and then it makes sense to listen to the right call, and this is it.” (Continue on with your value proposition and then ask a question like, “Do you think that would help you, too?”)

Response #4:
“________, you probably get a lot of these calls, don’t you? You know, I get them, too, and believe me, I don’t like getting them any more than you do. But every now and then I listen because sometimes there is information out there that will benefit me. And this is that kind of call for you. Let me ask you a quick question…”
(Ask how they would like to improve, save, make more money using your product or service.)

Response #5:
“Believe me, I’m with you. But the good news is that taking just 30 seconds with me right now could change the way you do business, and could help you (achieve your quotas, save thousands of dollars – whatever your product or service will do for them). In fact, let me share briefly with you how we’ve helped hundreds of companies just like yours…”

Response #6:
“That’s no problem, __________. I have a drawer full of clients who told me the same thing when I first called them as well. In fact, I’ll put you touch with some of them if you want. But the point is this: if you’re like most people I speak with, you’re having trouble (list the problems your product or service solves) and in a couple of minutes I can share with you the solutions to those problems that my other clients are enjoying right now.

Let me ask you – If I can show you how you can (give benefit here), would it be worth a few minutes to find out how?”

Remember, the top sales producers in your company and industry have proven responses to the objections, resistance and blow offs they get over and over again. And that’s how YOU’RE going to move into that elite group as well.