Many Companies Offer Inside Sales Training, But Only a Few Win Awards For Doing So:

AA-ISP “Best Provider Awards” for training, 2017 - 2020.

AA-ISP: “Top 25 Most Influential Inside Sales Professionals” (Ten Years in a Row)



Our training programs are highly customized to fit your company, your environment, and your industry. We focus on every area of your sales cycle. Your team will be given effective ways to get through to decision makers, to engage them, and most important of all, to qualify them without interrogating them. Next we teach your team how to give effective presentations without pitching or talking past the close. Oh, and the close? We actually teach the lost art of closing the sale and overcoming objections.

In other words, we teach your team how to open and close more sales, easily and confidently.

Mike provides more than just inside sales training – he provides a training experience…

Scott Monge

Monge & Associates



We provide your reps with the proven techniques they need to deal with gatekeepers, find decision makers, and engage with prospects.


Most sales pipelines are filled with unqualified leads. It’s no wonder reps are not making their revenue goals. We teach your team how to identify real buyers.


Overcoming Resistance

If you want to increase the number of calls your team makes, then you need to teach them how to effectively deal with the resistance they get. That’s what we do.

Effective Presentations

We teach engaging with prospects and effective ways to get buy-in throughout the demo, so asking for and getting the sale is a natural part of the process.

Objection Handling

Many sales reps fold as soon as they get an objection or two. Top producing teams know how to anticipate, deal with, and overcome them. Yours will, too.


Today’s workforce is unique: gifted, smart, entitled. Adjusting expectations and attitudes, while motivating and empowering – that’s the formula we provide for a successful sales environment.

Our world class sales training is developed just for your team, your product or service – B2B or B2C. We give your team proven scripts, skills, and strategies that produce repeatable results.

Then we give management the tools to coach, measure,

and ensure the processes are permanent.



“We are a rapidly growing startup and were experiencing significant growing pains on our sales team. We shopped around, eventually deciding to move forward with Mike Brooks. I recognized his name from sales training video's that he posted on Youtube. We signed up for his sales manager training course and then for his "full immersion" program. We are glad we did. He has been a huge help. He has helped us define a clear sales process, boost productivity from all our reps and help us add badly needed structure. Mike genuinely cares about you, he has helped me navigate some personal issues that are definitely outside the scope of our agreement. I really appreciated that.”

Ben Kreaden
Director of Sales, Broadly

““We are an established financial services firm and employ an inside sales force of 40 account executives. Mike at conducted two sales training seminars one on each coast which our account executives from all ten offices attended. The results were immediate. New account production was up as was the relative size of the new accounts. We brought Mike back, and with his help we crafted our current "Sales Playbook", and our defined sales process, which we use to this day. It was time and money well spent.”

William Krekel
V.P. Sales,
Commonwealth Foreign Exchange

“Our team has been working with Mike Brooks since April 2014. I feel that Mike really took the time to understand our business and it is clear that our coaching sessions are clearly customized and specific to our product and industry. Mike provides clear tactics to scale a sales team. I would highly recommend Mike Brooks to anyone looking to take their team to the next level.”

David Leiibovitch
VP, Sales
ForwardLine Financial

“Thank you Mike Brooks! You are “Mr. Inside Sales.” To any organization searching for an effective inside sales program, you have found the best right here! Mr. Brooks helped us craft a well thought out approach to qualify prospects, convey our message, use tie-downs, overcome obstacles, follow up, and close the sale. We now have a tried and true process, along with staff measures and training. Mike, you provided me exactly what I was looking for and you did it professionally and with care.”

Mark Dunn
Trojan Professional Services, Inc.

“Being an early employee at a tech start up means wearing too many hats! Working with Mike to help with training, writing scripts and improving our entire sales cycle from the cold call to the closed deal has been a tremendous help!
Mike provided insight and tools that would have taken us too long to come by organically. I'm glad we went this route and would recommend his expertise to others. I wish we could just move him to the West Coast and put him in charge of the sales team... but picking his brain and implementing his tools and advice was the next best thing!"

Jamie Taggart
Sales Manager,

“Mike's influence, his professionalism, and his comprehensive understanding of inside sales and of people and of processes was exceptional. I can't speak highly enough about his level of detail, his level of personal caring and his contribution to our team. We have tremendous momentum now, and the kind of best practice sales approaches that we need to excel in the future.

If you're reading this now and contemplating hiring Mike to help your inside sales team evolve and move into the next level, I highly recommend you take advantage of Mike's skills and experience. Thanks, Mike!!”

Greg Burns
V.P. Sales
Comm Engineering

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