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Does your team need “Core Inside Sales Training”? If so, then get instant access to our Award Winning 7-session training, and instantly give your team the proven skills they need to prospect, qualify, overcome objections, and close more sales over the phone  starting today!


We’ve built hundreds of inside sales teams, and know the best way to structure compensation, onboard new reps, and manage consistent change  throughout the sales team. We’ve been where you are right now, and know how to help you scale an inside sales team to achieve your goals.


Our world-class sales training is developed just for your team, your product or service – B2B or B2C. We give your team effective scripts, skills, and strategies that produce repeatable results. Then we give management the tools to coach, measure, and ensure the changes are permanent.


Need books of phone scripts, management training programs, or the latest bestseller on inside sales techniques? You’ll find all the products you need to grow your skill set, or the skill set of your inside sales team here.


We wrote the book on phone scripts (three actually), and know that giving your team proven, current, and effective scripts for each part of your sales cycle is what differentiates mediocre teams from truly exceptional ones. Find out how a best practice approach can transform your team’s results.


Looking for a Keynote Experience rather than just a Keynote Speaker? You’ve come to the right place. Mike takes the time to interview your top producers and distill their best practices down into actions your entire team can take to improve. This inspires, motivates, and helps everyone feel better about themselves. And isn’t that the kind of experience you’re looking for?

Customized Script Playbooks

Imagine how much more effective your team would be if everyone followed the best practices of your top producers. Best practice scripts and messaging is the fastest way to improved and sustained revenue production. No one knows phone scripts like Mike Brooks.

Learn what a Customized Script Playbook can do for your team's performance:

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