In a world where Amazon delivers your order the same day, and where you can binge watch an entire season of your favorite show in one day, your inside sales team needs solutions today.

Our ON DEMAND training immediately allows your team to get the solutions they need to pick up the phone, prospect, connect with and sell more prospects starting this very afternoon!


• How to overcome call reluctance
• Proven ways to get past gatekeepers
• Effective techniques to deal with blow offs like: “Just email me something”
• How to engage with decision makers
• The definition of a qualified lead—and how to get one
• How to give winning sales demos
• And so much more—see each session breakdown below


Our ON DEMAND Training includes Seven Webinar Sessions that walk your team—Step by Step—through the core skills of selling over the phone. Each complete session comes with handouts that include proven voice mail scripts, emails templates, and word-for-word scripts on how to sell over the phone. Your team can watch these training sessions in order, or forward right to the session they need most help with.

The ON DEMAND Program Includes:

• All sessions are pre-recorded by Mike Brooks, “Mr. Inside Sales” himself.
• Content rich 50+-minute training sessions delivered via a link to watch ON DEMAND.
• Watch anywhere and anytime! Use your phone, tablet or computer.
• Unlimited Access for four full weeks—24/7!
• Includes a one-hour training session with Mike Brooks LIVE by phone.
• Email Support available.
• Each attendee receives complete, word-for-word sales scripts from each session for dealing with gatekeepers, prospecting, qualifying and closing sales, voicemail, & lots more!

When you follow Mike’s formula, you are guaranteed to improve your performance, boost your income, and attain the success you desire” – Jeb Blount, CEO of


Our ON DEMAND inside sales training is based on our copyrighted & proven "Power Phone Skills" method. We have trained thousands of sales reps over the last 35 years, and our award winning training gives your reps the core sales techniques they need to confidently sell over the phone.

Affordable Pricing

Option One

  • Unlimited Use, 4-week immediate access to all 7-sessions, + includes all workbooks and word for word scripts.
  • Train as many reps as you would like for all 4-weeks—from one rep to 100!
  • Includes 4-weeks of unlimited viewing—watch over and over again!


Option Two

  • Unlimited Lifetime License—Your company owns this invaluable training and has access to it 24/7 with no expiration!
  • The perfect solution for scaling your company and training new reps—or retraining existing ones!
  • Special Offer: If you purchase the 4-week license above and decide later you want to purchase the lifetime license, you can apply your $1,995 to the lifetime license purchase!

Price for this 4-week license is just $1,995

Price for this lifetime license is just $4,995

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About Your Presenter—Mike Brooks, Mr. Inside Sales




Mike Brooks, doesn’t read books on inside sales and analyze theoretical problems of calling, instead, he’s made hundreds of thousands of cold calls himself (and still calls prospects and clients every day) and has written 3 bestselling books on inside sales and sales scripts. His techniques have been copied over and over again, but no-one can copy his experience, his enthusiasm, and his command of selling over the phone.

Award Winner: Mike is THE recognized authority on inside sales training and phone script development, and was awarded the 2017 - 2020 “Service Provider of the Year” awards for Inside Sales Training by the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals. Mike has also been voted one of the most Influential Inside Sales Professionals by the AA-ISP for ten years in a row.


“The telephone still remains the most powerful sales tool ever created. Let Dr. Inside Sales, AKA Mike Brooks, provide you with the winning words to engage, connect and sell more prospects. Mike’s scripts and playbooks are the perfect sales preSCRIPTion. Get yours today!”

—Jeffrey Gitomer, author of the Sales Bible and the Little Red Book of Selling

“I’ve known and trusted Mike Brooks for over a decade now, and as a result I’ve built my sales teams on many of the fundamentals that Mike Brooks teaches in his bestselling books of scripts and from hiring him to develop customized script playbooks for my teams. What I have always liked most about Mike's scripts is that they focus on the fundamentals of sales and don't get caught up in the latest hype or technology that can distract from the basics. Bottom line, they work!”

—Kevin Gaither, Senior Vice President of Sales, ZipRecruiter


Mike’s scripts show you how to get more appointments and make more sales by phone than you ever thought possible.”

—Brian Tracy, author Ultimate Sales Success

“What a difference meeting Mike Brooks and reading his two books, The Ultimate Book of Phone Scripts, Volume I, and his newest book, Power Phone Scripts, have made in my agency’s productivity. We have experienced double digit sales increases in a short period of time after working with Mike and developing a customized script book for our team. Mike, you have challenged me to live by your mantra: 'If they can do it, I can do it better.'”

—Bruce Adorian, State Farm Agent

“In Power Phone Scripts, you’ll discover a plethora of ways to develop interest, identify buyers, deal with common objections and more much. To achieve success, practice these scripts, internalize them and finally, make them your own. If you do, you will soon be selling more, with a lot less resistance.”

—Jill Konrath, author of More Sales, Less Time and SNAP Selling

“Mike’s new book, Power Phone Scripts, provides immediately usable and practical guidance that keeps our entire inside sales team focused on one consistent message. Hiring Mike to develop a customized script playbook has allowed us to reduce adlibbing, and enabled our company to measure our message effectiveness and make needed changes to improve results. We have embraced Mike’s proven sales techniques and scripts, and I highly recommend him and his processes as a great resource to improve sales performance and revenue results.”

—Mark Dunn, CPA, CBM, CGMA, MBA, CEO, Trojan Professional Services, Inc.

“Too few people are talking about the most important part of inside sales—improving the core selling skills of front line salespeople. Sales is all about conversations. Mike Brooks, Mr. Inside Sales, produces outstanding scripts of real world talking points that are required references for any inside sales professional or sales team. Salespeople need to know what to say in a variety of selling scenarios that happen every day. Mike fills the void with his books and customized script playbooks.”

—Steve Richard, Chief Revenue Officer

“All the questions a salesperson can potentially ask organized in a format that follows the sales process. What else can one ask for in a book of phone scripts? Great resources!”

—Trish Bertuzzi, author of The Sales Development Playbook

“In my opinion, Mike is the world's top authority on selling over the phone. If you want to double your income, listen to Mike.”

—Jeb Blount, Author of the Amazon #1 bestseller, People Buy You