Early Black Friday Sale!

Want to save money on something that will make you money? Invest in yourself and grab a copy of the best-selling audio program: “Double Your Income Selling Over the Phone.” Click Here to read about the program. Click this special link to make a purchase. You will get instant techniques, scripts, and proven ways to […]

One Way to Handle Objections Better

Want a quick and easy way to handle objections like a pro? Simply seek out the top closer in your company, organization, or industry, and then role play with them and write down how they answer the same objections that are frustrating you now. Once you have those responses, simply rewrite them to fit your […]

Ghosted? Here’s what to do…

Ghosted—just the sound of this is chilling. But when you’ve done a presentation and then don’t hear back from a prospect, it can often mean the kiss of death. What to do? Here are three things I do to avoid being ghosted: #1: Because prospects are pitched all the time, and because the majority of […]

5 Closing Questions You Need

Note to my readers: Because of my heavy client load, I am reducing my blog articles to bi-weekly starting today. Your next blog will arrive on Tuesday, August 17th. Ever feel stalled during a close? Wouldn’t it be convenient to have a list of 5 questions you could use to get your prospect talking, to […]

Spectacular Summer Sale!

Summer kind of slow? Top pros are using this time to sharpen their sales skills so they can make a killing in the fourth quarter. They’re using the summer to learn better ways of responding to the objections that hurt them in the first part of the year. Why not invest a little money and […]