“How Are You?” Ask It—Or Not?

Who do you think knows why your prospect buys? If you have followed me for a while, you may know that my opinion on whether to ask a prospect, “How are you,” has changed over the years. What I’ve discovered, is that asking this simple and socially accepted icebreaker is more important than you might […]

Your Prospect Has All The Answers

Who do you think knows why your prospect buys? Who do you think knows when your prospect is going to buy?  Or who they like to buy from? The answer, of course, is your prospect! The problem for many sales reps, is that they prefer to pitch and talk at prospects more than they actually […]

How NOT to Follow Up on an Email

I hope you’re not making this common mistake when following up on an email you sent: “I’m just calling to see if you got the email I sent you?” While this may sound like a reasonable way to follow up after sending an email, do you see how you’re providing your prospect with the perfect […]

One Key to Combatting Negativity

Good morning everyone! I just returned from a “Day of Development” seminar in Charlotte with the Jon Gordon company. Several of his books include: “The Power of Positive Leadership,” “The Energy Bus,” etc. Check them out on Amazon if you’re interested in learning more. There was a lot of great stuff in the meeting, and […]

How to Handle the Email Blow-Off!

What’s the number one blow off prospects use these days? “Can you email that to me?” If you think about it, that’s the perfect stall. They aren’t saying no, and it implies they might be interested . . . but face it—they rarely are. Not only is it hard to get prospects back on the […]

3 Interviewing Mistakes to Avoid!

Have you ever interviewed for a job you really want, thought your interview went well, and then didn’t get called back for it? I’ve helped sales managers and business owners interview hundreds of potential sales reps over the years, and I’ve identified 3 top mistakes that virtually eliminate sales candidates on the spot! Study these […]