Overcome Call Reluctance Today!

Two weeks into the New Year, and are you already stressed about picking up the phone and making prospecting calls?

I learned a secret years ago that enabled me to overcome my fear of making calls, and that allowed me to make hundreds of cold calls stress-free. 

In fact, after I adopted this approach, I actually looked forward to making calls! Imagine that….

The secret is that you have to simply adjust your attitude and expectation about making calls.

Let me explain:

If you’re like most sales reps, then you hate making calls because you’re either afraid of being rejected, or you’re are afraid you’re going to mishandle a call and so lose a good lead.

Well, here is the adjustment you need to make:

First, expect that you will get objections and that most people will reject your offer. That’s just the way it’s going to go. Think about it: Not everyone you speak with is going to be a prospect or a deal, are they?

So, a better attitude is to welcome a no.

That’s right. Expect that the vast majority of people you reach out to are going to tell you no. It’s all right!

In fact, the more people who tell you no, the closer you’ll get to the people who will eventually tell you yes. That’s true, isn’t it?

Once you adopt this attitude, the fear of being told no will fade.

And regarding fumbling a good lead—my experience is that if a prospect is interested, then they’ll speak with you. And believe me, you’re not so bad that an interested buyer will be put off by you, so don’t worry!

Instead, just use a good script, remember to ask questions and truly listen to their replies. If you do this, you’ll connect with loads of wonderful people who will buy your products and services and become happy clients.

Like my first sales manager used to say: “There’s nothing to it but to do it.”

So, put a smile on your face, roll those numbers, and thank all those uninterested prospects who get out of your way with a no.

Just remind yourself that you’re that much closer to a deal.

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