If You Love Sales—Then Pass This On

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“We are all salesmen every day of our lives.”

Charles M. Schwab

Whenever I’m at a used bookstore, I always browse the business section. There is gold in those isles. I found a short book called, The Salesman’s Book of Wisdom, by Dr. Chriswell Freeman, and the introduction on “The Joy of Selling” was so awesome, that I wanted to share the three paragraphs with you. Share this with others if you resonate with it as well:

“Selling has been called the greatest profession in the world and with good cause. Few experiences in business can match the excitement of a big sale. But the thrill of the close is always preceded by mundane activities such as training, prospecting and preparation. For the successful salesman, there is no dozing before the closing.

“What keeps top sales professionals motivated? In part, it is the love of selling. Effective salespeople love to make calls. Ineffective salespeople love the idea of selling, but they dislike the act of making the call. The results are predictable.

“Legendary football coach Vince Lombardi warned, ‘If you aren’t fired with enthusiasm, you’ll be fired with enthusiasm.’ His words apply not only to professional football players but also to professionals in all fields. So, if you wish to become an exceptional salesman, remember that sales calls should be savored, not endured. Once you learn to love your work, your work will love you back.”

I especially like the, “…no dozing before the closing.” Classic.

If you’re a sales manager or business owner, send this to your team members. If you’re an individual producer, then share it with your teammates.

Share the love of sales….

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