How to Overcome the Fear of Cold Calling

If I told you I had an easy way for you to overcome your fear of cold calling, would you be interested?  If I told you I had a guaranteed way for you to actually enjoy prospecting, be more confident doing so, and be more successful at it, would you be willing to try it?  Well, read on because I do…

Let’s start at the beginning.  The fear of cold calling, like all fears, is mostly in our heads. It starts with dread, builds to anxiety, and soon we’re frozen with fear.  The phone becomes a 200 pound weight, we find a million other things to do, and we pray for 5 o’clock.  Sound familiar?

And then if we actually get the courage to begin calling, as soon as we get screened out or blown off, we’re ready to quit until the next day.  If any of this sounds familiar, then you’re not alone – it happens to every sales rep who has to pick up the phone to make a sales call (including, at times, yours truly!).

Ok, now here’s the solution:  Because all fears are in our heads, the solution starts there as well. Let me ask you – have you ever been on a roll, felt really confident and were making calls like a pro?  Perhaps after a really big deal, or after a couple of really receptive calls, I’ll bet you know how easy it can be to pick up the phone and talk with prospects.

The key is to be able to “get into that zone” on a consistent basis.  And here’s how:

I’ve discovered a company that produces high quality, guaranteed hypnosis sessions on MP3 downloads (or CD’s), that literally change the way you think.  For just $12 (that’s $12 dollars!!) you can get an hour long hypnosis session specifically designed to turn you into a cold calling expert.  Immediately after listening to this powerful, 60-minute hypnosis recording, you’ll experience a totally affirmative internal alteration that will literally amaze you – Guaranteed!

And it’s 100% risk-free too!  If you’re not incredibly astounded by the spectacular results, they will refund your order within 90 days!

The sales rep who told me about this reported that after listening to this just two times, his experience with cold calling completely changed!  He was immediately confident, had no fear, and had the best day of conversations he’d ever had working on the phone.  In Just TWO sessions!

He tells me now that he actually enjoys making calls!  It has changed his career.

I don’t know about you, but I use affirmations and meditation CD’s all the time to help me change my internal self-talk, and I can tell you this kind of technology has changed my entire life.  If you have experience with this, then you also know it works.

If you’re interested in changing the way you feel about cold calling, then I urge you to check this out.  They have topics that cover almost every area of life – you’ll probably find many areas you’ll want to explore – but click here and when you get to their website, just scroll down to the business section and you’ll see the “Cold Calling Expert” MP3 (also available in CD, too) I’m talking about.

Think about it:  Would you invest $12 bucks and a couple of hours to overcome your fear of cold calling and become an expert at it?  If I told you that this would work, guaranteed, wouldn’t you at least be willing to try it?   You have nothing to lose except your fear and failure at cold calling!

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