Five Sure Fire Ways to Overcome Call Reluctance

Have you ever sat at your desk, shuffled your leads, looked at the clock thinking that lunchtime was way too far off, and then prayed for the phone lines to go dead?  Has the phone ever seemed like a 500-pound weight?  If so, then you know what call reluctance is.

Before I became a Top 20% producer, I had these feelings all the time.  I hated Mondays and Tuesdays, hated my job, and dreaded making calls.  Pretty dismal.

The good news is that all this changed when I made a decision to become a Top 20% closer.  It all changed when I made a decision to change my life and committed to doing whatever I needed to do to be the best.  And you can, too. 

Here’s your Five-Step formula for turning your life and career around:

1) Ask yourself if your current job, company or industry allows you the real opportunity to earn the kind of living you can get really excited about.  What are the Top 20% in your company/industry making right now?  If you were one of them, would you be really happy, excited and motivated?  If not, start looking for another job/company/industry.  If you CAN get excited where you are, then:

2) Make a commitment TODAY to doing whatever it takes to become a Top 20% producer.  Your mantra should now be, ?If they (the Top 20%) can do it, I can too!"  It all starts with a decision and a commitment, and you need to make that TODAY.

3) Learn and practice the top sales skills, techniques and strategies of Top 20% closers. Become an intense student of your craft — buy, invest, study and use all the top sales materials you can.  Then commit to getting better on each and every call.

4) Lock on to the end result.  How much do the Top 20% in your company/industry make?  How will your life change once you become one?  What are some of the direct benefits you will enjoy?  Identify how it will feel every day to wake up and have them.  What kind of car are you now driving?  How does it feel to be debt free?  What is it you really want?  Get crystal clear on these things.

5) Act as it.  Make up an affirmation card and begin affirming with emotion three to five times a day your new reality.  Your affirmation must be in the first person as if you have already achieved your goal.  How does it feel right now to be the best?  Once you create this reality on the inside, your outside reality will change to reflect your new ?inner reality? (the key to The Secret).  Start today.

I guarantee that if you follow these five steps, your whole life will change.  And on Monday morning, you will be the first one in the office and you won’t be able to get on the phone fast enough.  Your call reluctance will turn into call urgency. I know because it happened to me and to hundreds of others I’ve worked with.