A Better Way to Follow Up

If you begin your follow up calls like this:

“Hi, I just wanted to see if you read the email I sent you?”

Then you’re going to want to read this post all the way through and adopt a better practice way of opening your follow up calls.

Couple of reminders before we begin:

#1: Sales is a set of recurring situations you get into over and over again. If you want to get better at making more sales confidently, then you have to learn better ways of handling those recurring situations (like follow up calls!).

See here for over 500 better ways to handle the situations you run into day after day.

#2: Practice doesn’t make perfect. Oh, I know, you’ve heard it for years, but it’s simply not true. Especially in sales.

Practice only makes permanent.

That’s why many sales reps don’t get better! They encounter the same selling situations over and over again, and they ad-lib and practice poor selling techniques over and over again.

And guess what that results in? Permanently bad responses—like the one above…

Solution? Use this response on your next follow up call and watch your confidence—and results—soar!

“Hi ________, this is ______ _______ with XYZ company again, how have you been?

“Great! It’s good to connect with you again. You may recall we spoke a few weeks ago and you asked me to send you an email about what we offer. I’m sure you’ve read through that, and I was wondering what products in there caught your attention?”

That’s it. Assumptive, on the money, and it leads into your pitch.

If they say, “Ah, I didn’t read it yet…”

You say, “No worries! I’m happy to point out a couple of things to you—can you pull that up? It’ll only take a second…”

You see how this goes.

Point is: follow up calls are a repeatable selling situation. Learn and use a better approach to get better results.

It’s that’s simple.

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