Your Prospect Has All The Answers

Who do you think knows why your prospect buys?

Who do you think knows when your prospect is going to buy? 

Or who they like to buy from?

The answer, of course, is your prospect!

The problem for many sales reps, is that they prefer to pitch and talk at prospects more than they actually ask questions and listen.

Sounds simple, but trust me, it isn’t. To prove this, just listen to a few phone calls of yourself or some of the reps in your office.

That’s why the top reps are in the habit of asking more questions than they are of talking at their prospects.

A great technique to develop is to get to a question as quickly as possible. Use or adapt the following opening to get your prospect to open up and reveal the answers to the questions above:

“Hi _______, this is ______ ______ with XYZ company. How’s your Tuesday going?”

[Listen here and react accordingly . . ]

“_________, briefly, I’m calling because we do XYZ, and after reviewing your website (or LinkedIn page), I have a quick question for you: How do you get involved with that there at your company?”

This can be adjusted to:

“_________, briefly, I’m calling because we do XYZ, and after reviewing your website (or LinkedIn page), I have a quick question for you: How does your company use XYZ there?”

You can adjust this further to fit your product or offering, but the point is that you’re getting to an engagement (and qualifying) question immediately, and you’re letting your prospect reveal the important information you need to know—or need to know to determine the next direction or question you’ll ask.

This may seem like a subtle approach, but it’s the proven one if you want your prospect to tell you the answers you’re looking for at the beginning of this blog post.

Try it and begin finding ways to let your prospect tell you what you need to know—remember, they have all the answers anyway!

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