Would You Spend $10.99 to Double Your Income This Year?

Tricky title, I know, but there is a tool out there (many, in fact) that will enable you to do this.

And this particular one is called TapeACall Pro.

As the name suggests, this is a phone recording app for your iPhone. This one has the best features, including recording incoming calls—and calls you’re already on—and more. (And if you’re an Android user, there are comparable apps for you too.)

So how can a recording app help you double your income?

If you use it regularly, you’ll begin hearing where you need to improve, and you’ll be able to implement new skills and techniques that can dramatically affect your results.

I know, because this is how I tripled my income one year!

As a sales trainer, I use this almost exclusively to help sales team improve their skills and double their sales as well.

Now there is one down side to this: that you won’t do it. It’s a simple technique, yes, but it only works if you’re willing to work it.

It’s a sad truth, but the majority of sales reps simply won’t take the time to do it regularly. They think it’s a hassle, or they don’t want to disclose they are recording, or it takes too much time out of their busy days or lives, etc.

And that’s too bad. Because it is the easy, proven, and most inexpensive way for you to truly improve.

If you’re committed to getting better and making a lot more sales this year, then try it for a week or two. Invest $10.99 in yourself and see what you find.

The results might be career changing…

(Disclaimer: Many states require that you disclose you’re on a recorded line (check your state’s regulations and follow them!). It’s a simple thing to do. Just say, “This is _____ _______ with XYZ on a recorded line—can you hear me OK?” (or follow your company’s required wording).

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