Tie-Downs: You’re Using Them, Right?

It’s a new year, and the sooner you learn, practice, and use new habits, the faster you’ll get better results.

This is true whether you’re attempting to eat better, work out more, or make more sales.

And one easy and important habit you can develop right now is to use more tie-downs.

Ask yourself: After I give a benefit to my product or service, do I use a tie-down to see if it’s important to my prospect?

Tie-downs include things like:

“Do you find that, too?”

“How would you use something like that?”

Budget: “The investment in this is $10,000—is that within your budget right now?”

“Is that the amount you’d be willing to spend if you like what you see?”

While tie-downs are self-evident, it’s amazing how few sales reps use them. If you’re a manager or business owner, ask yourself: How often do my team members get confirmation and direction from their prospects by using tie-downs?

If they don’t, they likely just keep pitching and talking past the close. And the dangers of that are also self-evident.

So: New year, new you? If you want to get new results, you’ll need to adopt the new habits that will lead to success.

And that starts by using tie-downs.

If you’d like to know more about tie-downs and want word for word examples of them, then click here.

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