The Price is Too High—Best Technique to Use

Quick tip this week.

I worked with a client years ago, and he had a one-line rebuttal to the price is too high objection.

Whenever a prospect told him that, he simply asked:

“And besides price, what else is holding you back?”

That’s it.

Simple. Direct. And powerful.

This client understood that objections are generally smokescreens hiding other objections, so questioning it in this way immediately tells you whether it’s really price—or something else.

If they tell you that something else is holding them back, then you don’t have to address price right now.

If they say nothing, just price, you can begin closing. Something along the line of:

“And what were you willing to spend?”


“Where would our pricing need to be for you to move on it?”

Any of these or others will do here.

The next time someone tells you they can’t afford it or your price is too high, use my client’s example above.

And let your prospect tell you where you need to go next…

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