Seriously, This Is How You Leave a Voicemail?

Actual voicemails I’ve been receiving lately:

“Hi Mike, this is Megan. Can you call me back at (phone number)? Thanks!”

And what do I do with these voicemails?


This is one of the oldest poor sales techniques in the world, and it just SCREAMS: I’m cold calling and trying to trick you into calling me back!

Doesn’t work.

Here’s what’s better:

First, you have to let the caller know what company you’re calling from and the reason for the call. We’re all too busy to call people back for no reason, and too many of us have called back just to be pitched (poorly, too) by an unprepared sales people.

Use this sample as a template and adjust to your product or service:

“Hi, this is _______ _________ with XYZ company. I’m calling about how you handle your (product/service/process) and have some options to save you (time/money/etc.). When you get a second, give me a quick call back, and I promise I’ll be brief. If we can help you, great, if not, I won’t waste your time. My call back number is (leave number SLOWLY AND REPEAT). Once again, this is (repeat your name), and I look forward to hearing back from you. Thanks!”

Obviously, if you have their email address, you should also email as part of your prospecting cadence. A great subject line would be: “{first name}, just left you a VM.”

Change the above voicemail and adapt it anyway you want; just make sure and script it out and say it confidently & sincerely. You’ll get more call backs this way than by trying to trick people!

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