3 Interviewing Mistakes to Avoid!

Have you ever interviewed for a job you really want, thought your interview went well, and then didn’t get called back for it?

I’ve helped sales managers and business owners interview hundreds of potential sales reps over the years, and I’ve identified 3 top mistakes that virtually eliminate sales candidates on the spot!

Study these 3 interviewing mistakes and make sure YOU don’t make them the next time you’re trying to land your next sales position.

Mistake Number One: A poorly written resume that shows either gaps between jobs, or worse, lists many jobs where a candidate worked less than 2 years.

Nothing is more of a Red Flag to a potential hiring manager than instability of employment. When we see a candidate has a history of staying at a job for 2 years or less—and we see a string of these jobs, what do you think goes through our minds? Yep: that if we hire that rep, they will be leaving us in under 2 years…

Look over your resume, and make sure and list the companies you worked for that exceeded 2 years. If you have several years where you moved around a lot, simply list: “Speak to me to clarify most recent positions.” This will create intrigue and allow you a chance to explain yourself. (And you’d better have a good explanation!)

Mistake Number Two: Talking past the close. Too many sales reps like to talk . . . and talk . . . What this tells the hiring manager is that you’re likely to “talk past the close” when on the phone with a prospect! The way to correct that is to listen to the question, compose your thoughts, and then give a succinct answer and quit talking. Less is more.

Mistake Number Three: Not doing any research on the company you’re interviewing with, and so not asking any questions about the position or the company. This seems like a no brainer, right? Unfortunately, many sales reps just show up, are not prepared, and haven’t done any research on the company they’re interviewing for.

The way to fix that—and stand out!—is to spend some time on the company’s website, look at their culture, and have some questions ready that will let the hiring manager know you’ve done some due diligence and are actually interested in getting a job there. This will go a long way to separating you from the other candidates they are interviewing.

Conclusion: The next time you’re looking for a new job, avoid making these 3 interviewing mistakes and give yourself the best chance of landing the job you want!

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