Three Inspiring Summer Reads for Sales Professionals

Hope you had a great July Fourth!

Summer is now officially started, and it’s a great time to enjoy some family time, go on vacation, recharge your batteries, and enjoy a little downtime before the big push of the 3rd & 4th quarters.

It’s also a great time to feed your motivational well! I love to read—or reread—inspiring books that get me thinking about ways to improve my attitude and performance.

Below are three books that inspire me each time I read them. If you haven’t read them yet—or in a while—then I encourage you to pick one up!

Book #1: Beyond Positive Thinking: A No Nonsense Formula for Getting What You Want, by Dr. Robert Anthony

Dr. Robert Anthony has been one of my favorite motivational authors for decades. This book, Beyond Positive Thinking, is a complete rewrite of my all-time favorite motivational book of his: The Advanced Formula for Total Success.

If you’re new to his work, this is a great place to start (Beyond Positive Thinking).

Book #2: The Success Principles: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be, by Jack Canfield

Yes, THAT Jack Canfield. This is a comprehensive roadmap to developing and then imprinting a success blueprint. If you’re looking to identify and then build a plan of action toward accomplishing something special in your life, then this is a must read!

Book #3: Your Best Year Yet!: Ten Questions for making the Next Twelve Months Your Most Successful Yet, by Jinny Ditzler

I’ve been using Jinny’s book for years, and what I love about it—besides the ten powerful questions—is that you can start this any month or week of the year! Learn what holds you back the most, and what helps the most so you can build on your success!

Enjoy your summer!!

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