One Key to Combatting Negativity

Good morning everyone!

I just returned from a “Day of Development” seminar in Charlotte with the Jon Gordon company. Several of his books include: “The Power of Positive Leadership,” “The Energy Bus,” etc. Check them out on Amazon if you’re interested in learning more.

There was a lot of great stuff in the meeting, and one thing I wanted to share with you all is a way to combat the recurring negativity that silently creeps into our heads every so often. You know how it is: You’ll be minding your own business and then suddenly you’ll hear things like:

“These leads suck . . .”

“I can’t make any real money here . . .”

“I can’t believe this company is asking me to actually show up to an office!”

By the way, this is just some random negativity about work—there’s a ton more around you in regards to relationship(s), your health or body image, your stage in life, etc.

The saying I heard that I loved was this: “Learn to talk to yourself, rather than listen to yourself.”

What this means is that rather than let that random, negative self-talk just pour into you, you should instead talk back to yourself in advance and feed the positive self-talk you need to succeed. This might include:

“Everyone has these leads, and I’ve written business from them. I just need to put in a little more effort, and when I do, I’ll find buyers—just like everyone else is!”

“I can make just as much money as I set my mind to.”

“Going into the office has tons of benefits, including feeding off the energy of other reps, having constant access to my manager, etc.”

Bottom line: Don’t wait for your head to feed you with negativity and sit by passively and listen to it. Be proactive and learn to talk to yourself first—and give yourself the peptalk you need to succeed!

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