Ask for More to Get More

My sales numbers when through the roof when I changed one simple thing:

I asked for double or even triple the deal size at the end of each presentation.

Before this, I used to give my presentation and automatically default to the lowest deal size and be happy if I got it.

In fact, it was so bad that I even dropped the price to half the minimum amount, and I was happy if I got that!

What I didn’t realize at the time is that prospect’s often have a lot more budget than I think they do. In fact, once I started asking for larger deals—and companies and individuals started buying more—I was blown away by how easy it was!

In addition to getting larger deals, I also found it was easier to drop a prospect to a lower amount if I started high. Also, the amount I dropped them to was usually twice as much as I had been used to asking for to begin with!

It was a huge win/win.

As I coach sales reps these days and listen to how they ask for the sale, I’m reminded of myself because guess what? Most of them ask for the minimum amount, or the lowest priced package, or worse—they go below the lowest priced package and are happy when they get it.

The biggest problem with this way of selling isn’t just that they are taking thousands of dollars out of their company’s—and their own—pockets, but the worst thing is that they condition themselves to ask for, and get smaller sales.

And they do.

Take it from me (and all the top reps selling these days): The fastest way to double or triple your sales is to ask for more in the very beginning.

And the sooner you do, the sooner you’ll find prospects who say yes.

Do yourself a favor this month and starting at the top—rather than at the bottom—of your pricing sheet.

And watch as your income goes to the top as well!

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