Stop Jumping Through Hoops to Get a Sale

So many sales reps are anxious when they speak with a prospect. It seems they are afraid and think things like:

“Will they like my product or service?”

“Am I speaking with the right person?”

“Do they have the budget or is my solution too much for them?” And on and on…

As such, many reps don’t ask the “tough” questions, like:

“What kind of budget do you have set aside for this?”

“If you like what you see, what is your timeline for moving ahead with this?”

And, if they are an influencer collecting information, then:

“What is the timeline of the (decision maker) to put something like this to work for them?”

“What are they hoping to find in a solution like ours?”

And, to qualify the influencer:

“How do you get involved in the decision process?”

“Does the (decision maker) take your suggestions/advice?”

“When would YOU like to see this solution put in effect?”

The questions above are the questions that all top closers ask. They know that unless they get these “tough” questions answered, there is no way to move the sale forward. Plus, they know that most of the “prospects” they speak with don’t turn into a deal anyway, so, why not learn who is a real prospect right from the get go?

By getting the answers to these questions, you can stop spending time with non-qualified prospects, and spend more of your valuable time with real buyers.

And isn’t that what you want to do?

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