Stop “Following Up,” and Start Closing

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How do you open your 2nd or 3rd call to prospects whom you’ve already pitched? Is it something like:

“I’m just calling to follow up on our proposal….”


“I’m just calling to see what you thought about our bid?”


“I was just seeing if you had time to speak with (your boss, partner, committee) yet?”

What do all of these openings have in common? They put the control of the call in your prospect’s hands.

Moreover, they are uninspiring, a bit weak, and, frankly, don’t inspire much confidence or excitement, do they?

Why not be more convincing and enthusiastic? Why not lead your prospect into the sale by referring back to the benefits he or she is going to get by working with you?

Try this:

“{Prospect}, great speaking with you again. You know, I’m looking forward to sending you the X number of RFQ’s our program can generate for you, and to helping you achieve (whatever their buying motive was). What is the best way for us to start working together today?”


“{Prospect}, I’ve been excited to get back to you today. I know you were meeting with your boss about our proposal, and I know you were recommending this to him. I’m sure he saw the value in what we do, and I’m sure he is looking forward to (reinforce their buying motive here—’getting those additional XYZ every month.’).

“So tell me, what package have you both decided to move forward with today?”

As you can see, what you’re doing here is reinforcing and assuming the positive outcome here—rather than opening your closing call with doubt and uncertainty.

And don’t worry: If your prospect says they don’t have the money, then you know what to do, right? You isolate that stall!


“And let me ask you: If you did have the budget today, then is this something you would go with, right?”


“Besides budget, what else is holding you back today?”

You get the idea.

Bottom line: As I explain in my book, Power Phone Scripts, the secret of sales is that 80 to 90% of the selling situations and objections you get are the same. The way to overcome them is to have proven, best practice responses on hand so you can practice perfection and close more sales.

And that’s what using the scripts above will help you do.

Want more? Invest in Power Phone Scripts today and watch your sales—and confidence—soar!

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