Selling to Influencers (New Webinar: Nov 17th, 3pm EST)

These days, there can be a lot of people standing between you and the ultimate decision maker. There are assistants, office managers, purchasing agents, other C level managers, and in the case of B to C, even spouses and other family members. In some cases, you may be speaking with part of the decision making team, but that person may then have to present to a committee or other body of decision makers. With all the potential people standing between you and the “real decision maker,” how can you effectively move the sale forward?

In the phone calls I listen to each week, I hear many reps struggle with this exact scenario. Unfortunately, what I hear isn’t encouraging. To start with, what I find is that half the time reps don’t even know they are dealing with an influencer and so make the mistake of assuming they are the final decision maker. These closing calls often end with an objection I am sure you are familiar with: “I’ll have to run it by X.”

And you know how frustrating that is.

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Next, on those closing calls when the rep does know they are speaking with an influencer, I find they often give up at the end of the close. They seem resigned to the fact that the prospect isn’t going to make a decision, and so they end their closing calls with something like, “So when will you speak with X?”

Not very empowering either.

The good news is that there are proven scripts and techniques you can use to both identify who you are speaking with, what their level of influence is, and even move towards closing them during your demo or presentation.

If you would like to know how to do that, then join me this Thursday, and I’ll give you all the tools and techniques you will need to both qualify the influencer during your prospecting call, and set them up to make a decision during your close.

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