How to Manage Your Sales Manager

If you’re a business owner, then I know you place a lot of responsibility on your inside sales manager. In many companies, managers are not only responsible for finding, hiring and developing successful reps, but they are also responsible for training these new reps and for the continued training of existing sales reps as well. […]

How To Make Your Sales Manager Better

I consult with a lot of business owners, and I hear a common complaint: “The sales team isn’t making their revenue numbers and my sales manager doesn’t seem to know what to do to get them to improve.  What should I do?” After reviewing their sales processes, their training program, sales scripts, etc., I always […]

Metrics—Which One is Most Important?

Feeling a little overwhelmed by all the new sales tracking technology that seems to come out every month (almost every week)? If you’re like most companies, then you’ve probably got enough technology in place to measure just about everything: talk time, conversion rates, number of demos being given, lead flow and lead placement in the […]

NFL Schedule Released this Thursday—Are You Ready?

Are you ready for some football? Ok, it’s a little early, but this Thursday, May 12, 2022, the NFL releases the season schedule! As I thought about the teams currently in mini-camps, I thought about the coaching staffs. I thought about all the professional athletes who are still being coached, day in and day out, […]