Proven Way to Increase Sales

I received the following email from a previous coaching client of mine (Rino Racanelli). His email boils down my sales philosophy, and it shows how much success you can have if you follow just a couple of proven principles.

I’m reprinting it below—word for word.

The subject line was: “I took your advice”:

Hi Mike,

Hope you are well. Just wanted to update you on my progress and let you know my sales have increased thanks to you!

I took your advice

  1. Recorded my conversations (client consent) and cringed at what I heard when I spoke to client. Boy, was I missing the hot buttons and talked way past the close
  2. Noted all my main common objections
  3. Used your scripts for rebuttal to those objections, made them my own
  4. Recorded my rebuttal scripts on recording device
  5. Then played them on device for memory and made them my own (same as elite quarterback going through his processions)

I don’t know what I would do without your scripts and other training material!

First of all, I’d like to thank Rino for sending me this email, and for allowing me to reprint it.

Second, for all you sales reps and teams out there who are searching for a way to improve your sales, this is it! Let me break it down:

  1. Record your calls! This was the message last week, and I’ve been teaching it for over 30 years. Nothing—absolutely nothing—is more effective than hearing what you say, hearing what you miss, and then finding immediate ways to improve it.
  2. Make a list of your common objections. Remember, the secret to sales is to recognize that you only get 5 or 7 objections 90% of the time! To “ace” them, you need to script out the best-practice response to overcoming them (and stop adlibbing).
  3. There are many ways to script out effective rebuttals to these objections: You can buy one of my books that already have multiple examples of what to say (see some here); you can hire me to write a customized script playbook for your team; or you can work with me one-on-one (like Rino did) to develop your rebuttals.
  4. Record them onto your phone. Have some fun with this! I recommend recording at least three versions of each script, and then keeping the one that sounds the best to you.
  5. Then play them back, over and over again, until you know them like you know the lyrics to your favorite songs.

Once you do this, you’ll never be stumped again when you get objections, and you’ll know exactly how to deal with them—successfully!

Thanks again to Rino for laying out so succinctly how to get better in sales. One caveat, though: This will only work if you work it. I wish more people would take these simple steps to improving their sales—it’s so worth it!

I hope that this real-life email helps motivate you to take the actions that will result in more sales, more money, and more confidence!

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