Real Secrets of the Top 20%

The Real Secrets of the Top 20%

The Secrets of Top Selling Professionals

Mike’s groundbreaking book on inside sales and what it takes to
move into the ranks of the Top 20% producers in your company or industry

Included in this bestselling book on inside sales:

  • The kinds of commitments you need to make to succeed big time
  • Core prospecting and cold calling techniques proven to work
  • A compressive guide to presenting and closing more sales
  • The mindset required to keep yourself motivated – and how to develop it

Mike’s original book on inside sales is still a top seller in the field and lays the foundation for what it takes for you – or your team – to become Top 20% producers

Mike Brooks has hit a home run with The Real Secrets of the Top 20%. This must read book is perfect for anyone who works in the sales profession, and it is destined to become a classic.


Jeb Blount

Sales Gravy, and author, Fanatical Prospecting

Inside selling requires a special talent – instant rapport, believability, and a few secret ingredients to create a buying atmosphere. All these elements are revealed in in easy-to-master details within Mike Brooks’ book The Real Secrets of the Top 20%. If you mast the secrets of the top 20%, you’ll soon find yourself in the top 5%.


Jeffrey Gitomer

author of The Little Red Book of Selling

If you do inside sales or prospecting, you will get specific what-to-say techniques in this book that will help you avoid no’s and put money in your pocket. It’s a must-have for your sales library.


Art Sobczak

author of Smart Calling

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