How to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Inside Sales Team

Your Step by Step Guide to Developing Winning Inside Sales Teams

Leverage Mike’s 30+ years of building and scaling multi-million dollar inside sales teams by having him walk you, step by step, through each phase of building a winning inside sales team.

Included in this comprehensive course:

  • Exactly how to develop a best practice approach for selling your product or service
  • How to translate that best practice approach into a repeatable, scripted sales process
  • A management course that teaches your managers how to mentor sales reps and measure their progress
  • A bonus word doc cd that contains word for word scripting for each part of your sales cycle

Let Mike walk you through building each stage of your sales process as you create a repeatable, scalable and successful, multi-million dollar producing inside sales department.

Hiring Mike Brooks to work with our sales team was the smartest thing we've done for our business in years. He empowered us with the tools and inspiration we needed to immediately attain our goals. In fact, in the first full month alone we saw an amazing 34% increase in monthly revenue achievement. 
With his clear vision and specific sales processes, Mike brought us back to basics and helped make our sales process fluid, responsive and unstoppable. With Mike's help, we perfected our scripting and have more than doubled our closing rate. After just 3 months, we are breaking all company records and have literally tripled our sales forecast.  I can't recommend Mike and his DSP System strong enough.


Matt Telford


Mike’s mastery of every part of the sales process is exceptional. I was sure that our sale – credit card processing, B2B – was unique, but Mike immediately grasped our language and culture and was able to teach us the most efficient way to qualifying and closing more accounts.


Greg Meridith

GM of Direct Sales -- MES

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