One Question to Close More Demos

How many of you hold your breath at the end of your demo?

Wondering if the prospect is sold and/or what they’re going to do next?

If this describes you, then using today’s ‘one question’ before your demo can eliminate almost 100% of that dreaded feeling…

Remember: You can’t close an unqualified lead.

Yet that’s still what many sales reps and teams are trying to do.

Each of your demos (presentations) should begin with a series of brief qualifying questions. And the most important one is:

After you’ve asked the other qualifying questions (for a full treatment of this subject, see my book, Power Phone Scripts), you should end with this question:

“And last question: if, at the end of this presentation, you find that this is the exact solution you are looking for, what would your next steps be?”

Here’s an alternative:

“And the last question, if, at the end of this presentation, you feel this will work perfectly for you, what is your timeline for putting this to work for you?”

Simple, yet powerful question, isn’t it?

And wouldn’t you rather know now rather than wait and worry until the end?

Knowing what your prospect is thinking in advance eliminates the surprise of the inevitable stall at the end, and it also gives you the leverage you need to tailor your presentation, build value, get buy in, and of finding ways of working together sooner.

Try this today and this week during the beginning of your demos and listen to how your prospects respond. You’ll be more in charge, and you’ll become a better closer as a result!

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