One Error to Correct on Your Prospecting Scripts

Congrats to those companies & individuals who sent in their prospecting scripts for review. I received many scripts and went ahead and reviewed ten (instead of just the three).

One error I kept seeing was reps’ mishandling asking for the right person when they didn’t know the right contact’s name.

Usually, they asked it this way:

Gatekeeper: “Thank you for calling the Johnson company.”

Rep: “I’m looking for the person who handles your XYZ. Do you know who I should speak to?”

The problem with this is you’re A) Identifying yourself as a sales rep, and B) You’re now inviting the gatekeeper to qualify you out.

Here is a better way:

Gatekeeper: “Thank you for calling the Johnson company.”

Rep: “Hi, I need a little bit of help please…”

[It’s crucial that you WAIT for them to respond and offer that help!]

Gatekeeper: “What can I help you with?”

Rep: “Thanks. Who would be the best person to speak with regarding XYZ?”

This approach uses an assumptive question, and it gives direction. This is your best approach.

If the gatekeeper comes back and asks:

“Can I tell him who is calling?”

You simply respond with:

“Absolutely. Please tell him [Your Name] with [Your company] is holding please.”

That’s it! This approach will get you through to the right contact over 80% of the time.

Try it this week and see for yourself!

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