New Book Release Today! Learn “How to Worry Less & Enjoy Life More.”

I hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend and that you’re charged up for the best time of the year: fall! Starbucks already has pumpkin lattes out, and the stores are already stocking fall items—make me giddy just thinking about it!

As some of you know, today, September 5th, my new book, The Owner’s Manual to Life: Simple Strategies to Worry Less and Enjoy Life More has been released! You can order your copy here.

In this book, I’ve collected 100 of my favorite quotes and I write a brief, two-page essay on how to get the most from the wisdom the quotes contain. It’s a quick read, and it’s designed to help you deal with challenges better and to help you live a happier life.

Early reviews are in, including this from Brian Tracy:

“In The Owner’s Manual to Life, Michael Zajaczkowski has compiled 100 of the most important life lessons, and in his unique way makes them accessible and exciting for everyone. This book will truly make you worry less and enjoy life more!”

–Brian Tracy, Author/Speaker/Consultant


“Imagine sitting across from your favorite teacher and asking for their advice on how to live your best life. Their answers—as shared through Michael Zajaczkowski’s stories, lessons, and insights—are in this humorous, delightful, and inspiring collection of essays. The Owner’s Manual to Life is about to become your most dog-eared guidebook.”

—Kathleen Guthrie Woods, creator of 52Nudges and author of The Mother of All Dilemmas

If you’re looking for an inspirational, “feel good” book, this is it! See a sample below and have a wonderful rest of your year!

It’ll never be all right until it’s all right, right now.

Many of us tend to spend a lot of time delaying our happiness. We convince ourselves that we will only be at peace, feel secure, or be truly happy when we finally have enough money in the bank, when we’re finally debt free, when we’ve received the promotion at work, or when we’re retired—that’s when we’ll be able to relax and enjoy things. Or maybe when the kids have moved out, graduated college, and have started a career they like, that’s when we will begin living for ourselves again. As many of us have discovered, though, when those things do come to pass, we find that they either didn’t give us the security or peace we thought they would, or as is often the case, something else has replaced them and off we go chasing that next thing that is sure to give us those feelings of finally feeling all right.

A wise friend and I were talking about this one afternoon, and as I was describing the next set of circumstances I felt sure was going to give me that level of peace and comfort, he said, “Michael, things are good enough for you to feel that sense of peace right now.” He then explained that he, too, used to set conditions on his happiness, and each time he did, he watched those goals get pushed further and further into the future. He said that as he reviewed his past, he saw that happiness and serenity were always available to him; he just couldn’t see it because he was so focused on getting something or achieving something else first. Ultimately, he told me I already had everything I needed to feel secure and happy right here, right now, and that if I couldn’t see that, then chances are I wouldn’t be able to see it in the future either.

Many of us have a similar experience as we rush through life chasing the next thing or condition that we’ve convinced ourselves is a prerequisite for our happiness. As we do, we pass by the moments that are already filled with everything we need to experience those feelings right now. The ability to enjoy the coolness of a fall morning, or the loving hug of a spouse or child, or the abundant material wealth we already possess can give us the feelings of comfort and security we all long for. All these things are here, right now. Unless or until we accept and appreciate them in this very moment, we will continue to delay our joy until that elusive “someday.” Stop right now and look around you. Everything is all right, right now, and that realization is the true start to the peace and happiness you’re looking for elsewhere.

Read more here.

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