Attention “Closers, Sales Managers, Business Owners, and Other Sales Professionals”…


Learn how to DOUBLE or even TRIPLE your income selling over the phone by learning these easy to use, Step by Step secrets of Top 20% producers. Learn how to easily overcome resistance, identify AND qualify real buyers, overcome objections and close more sales. Start living the life you’ve always dreamed of!



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From: Mike Brooks, Mr. Inside Sales, Los Angeles, Calif, USA Wednesday, 8:30 a.m.


Dear Fellow Closer or Business Owner,


“Do you want to DOUBLE or even TRIPLE your sales and income and are you looking for the ONE TOOL that will help you get it done?


“As a BUSINESS OWNER are you tired of your sales team Under Performing and do you want to make a small investment that will pay HUGE DIVIDENDS?


My New 5-CD Series “The Secrets of the Top 20% - How To Double Your Income Selling Over the Phone” contains all the Proven Techniques, Scripts and Strategies I’ve used and taught to thousands of other sales reps who have used them to


“I used to be where you are right now!"


Years ago I sat at my desk and wondered what I was doing wrong. Sometimes I’d write some business, but most of the time I’d struggle to close sales. At times I’d wonder how I was going to make all my bills for the month, and much of the time I’d hate my job and hate sales. Why didn’t I stay in school? I’d wonder…


I was Hating Life!


Something had to change. This was too hard.


Now, let’s FAST FORWARD to what happened just 6 months later…


“After learning and applying the skills, techniques and strategies laid out in this CD Series, I quadrupled my income, was the Top Closer out of 5 branch offices, won the trip to Maui and a Corvette Convertible for a year!”

Here I am next to the beautiful Corvette I won!


AND that was just the beginning. The next year I doubled my sales and income again, bought my first home and a Mercedes Benz, and was made sales manager by the end of that year.

Buying my new 560 SEC Mercedes!  (These techniques work!)




And it has been ever since. I’ll tell you what’s really hard – continuing on without learning and using these skills, adlibbing your way through your presentations and continuing on the way your going. THAT’S WHAT’S REALLY HARD. Being in the 80% that’s splitting up only 20% of the sales and income – that’s what really sucks!


If you don’t learn these secrets, then your
life in sales will be a struggle, too…


It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way!


The Good News is that all the skills, techniques and strategies of the Top 20% can be learned and applied, and when you do your sales and income will dramatically increase!


Here's what Stan Bilue - The Top Telemarketing Trainer for the last 25 years - says about my new CD-Series:


This is the best new Series I've heard in the last 25 years and you're a complete fool not to order it and absorb it and start to use it IMMEDIATELY!


In fact, it's so good, it's the first time in 25 years I've ever promoted another Sales Trainer's product! I've had my set for 5 days and have already listened 5 complete times on my way to 16 to 21 times.


Mike explains word-for-word how he achieved Super Stardom in record time and how you can vault yourself into the Top 20% in your Office, in your Company, and yes even in your Industry, in Record Breaking Time.


Order today! You. . . and your loved ones . . . and your Banker will thank Mike for years to come.

Stan Billue,
Mr. Fantastic


I recently purchased your disc set entitled "The Secrets of the Top 20% - How To Double Your income Selling Over the Phone". The CD set paid for itself almost immediately.

I was able to set a new company record for individual sales in a single Period without assistance from our National Accounts group. Not only was I able to double my sales quota...
I tripled it !

Robert Spivey


Hi Mike,


First off thank you so much for your phone call. You for the excellent
response to my question. That's perfect and the questions you sent me are
great qualifiers. I will definitely use them.


You know Mike, the reason I bought your CD's was the free webinar showing
your scripted responses. Then the price was only $149 which I thought was
more than fair.


It ended up being the best $149 I have ever spent on a sales training
program. I have purchased many sales training tapes from famous American
sales trainers yet I found your CD series the best in terms of actual
scripting and the complete layout of the tapes was very well done.


I followed your advice and I have already made over $2000 on your one idea
from "Mr Fantastic" to record yourself. When I was speaking to a prospect
I paid more attention on shutting up and listening. I could sense that the
prospects really appreciated that. They even thanked me for taking their


Finally, it was your way of selling that brought me back to a book I read
years ago titled "High Probability Selling" where disqualifying a prospect
is crucial. I ignored that book after reading it thinking it was way off
target in terms of selling techniques. I was wrong. Thanks to you Mike I
have gone back to that book for a refresher.


I highly recommend your CD series and know that others will benefit from
it as I have!


Rino Racanelli President
MRH Financial Services




Mike, just a brief note to let you know how much your CD’s have helped me and my sales. I’ve been in the print industry all of my career and for the first time I finally feel confident and like I'm a success. Over the last four months I have listened to your CD program, "Double Your Income Selling Over the Phone," and I have QUADRUPLED my monthly sales by applying what I’ve learned from your materials! And it all started when I followed your advice to commit to myself and to actually use your techniques and materials.


These CDs work, and I can't thank you enough for all you’ve helped me do in my life!  I highly, highly recommend them!!"


Bob M.



Secrets of the Top 20% was simply one of the best and most practical sales courses I have participated in. I put my sales team through the CD series and the next month, they doubled the amount of appointments set and broke all company records. This is a must do training course for anybody responsible for selling or prospecting over the phone.


Jennifer Livi
Director of Business Development Proforma
Cleveland Ohio Proforma Worldwide Support Center




I just wanted to let you know I just finished your CD's. I am now beginning to listen to them for the second time. As you advised, I will listen to these over and over again. The information contained in these is incredible.


I have to be honest with you, I really think I stole these CD's from you for $250. Having had the opportunity to partially absorb this information, I think you could sell these for $1,000, and still provide a real value to your customers!


Thank you again Mike, what I have learned in the 5 hours with your CD's is equal to about 5 years of sales experience. Truly the best investment I have ever made.


Mike Deckys


Dear Mike,

I wanted to send you this note to let you know how much I enjoyed your CD Training series.


I have held various sales and sales management positions for 25+ years - some with Fortune 500 companies. Yet, many of the tips and techniques on your CD were greatly beneficial to this "seasoned veteran". I especially enjoyed the section on "Cold Calling Success" which contained unique approaches which, when used consistently, truly do work.


I highly recommend your CDs to anyone looking to become a Top 20% performer.



William F. McCormick

President Business Advisors Group LLC



And all these skills are here in this 5-CD Series, and I’ve included WORD FOR WORD scripts and STEP BY STEP procedures on exactly what to do and say to turn YOU into a Top 20% Producer!


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“Order your hard copy CD program here!”

You will receive the 5-CD program via Priority mail

Just $149!


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"I can't wait, I want MP3 Instant downloads!"

(you will NOT receive hard copy CD's)

Just $149!


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Here’s just a sample of what you’ll learn from each CD:


CD #1: The 80/20 Rule In Sales:

  • Why do 20% of Sales Reps make 80% of the sales and income?
  • How I turned my sales career around and catapulted myself into the Top 20%
  • 5 Rules of Top 20% performance and what YOU can begin doing TODAY
  • Pre-Call Preparation
  • The importance of scripts


CD #2: Cold Calling Success

  • How to handle Reflex Objections
  • How to eliminate screening FOREVER!
  • The real definition of a Qualified Lead
  • How to avoid rejection
  • How to handle incoming leads
  • Avoiding call reluctance
  • How to use Voice Mail and Email to your advantage
  • And Much, Much More!!


CD #3: Closing Sales Like the Top 20%

  • Overcoming initial resistance
  • One technique that can instantly get the deal
  • The power of trial closes
  • Don’t answer objections, isolate them!
  • 5 ways to stop talking past the close
  • How to use the take away close
  • And Much, Much More!!


CD #4: How To Handle The Top Ten Objections

  • Learn scripted responses to the objections that are blowing you out of the water!
  • “The price is too high”
  • “I need to talk to ______”
  • “I need to think about it”
  • “I already have a supplier…”
  • And Much More!


CD #5: Taking It To The Next Level

  • How to move into the Top 1% of the Top 20%!
  • How to build a team of support people
  • How to be in the closing arena all the time!
  • Learn how to Expect Success
  • How to develop a Winning Attitude
  • The Power of Self Talk
  • And Much, Much More!

Here’s what others are saying:



What a great resource! I was already in the top 20% prior to buying your CD Series, "Secrets of the Top 20%...However, this has given me new blood, and now I'm committed to being the top producer in my company! And I know that with the techniques I'm learning in your CD's, I will be soon!!


The bottom line is that I recommend this to anyone who does business over the phone. Do what I did--purchase and listen to these CD's today! You deserve to have this terrific training tool in your CD collection, and you will be glad you took action to move into the Top 20%. Do it now! Start to enjoy helping your clients and begin enjoying your career, again! You and your family derseve it.


Thanks again Mike and all the best,

Jason Munn
California Casualty Management Co.
Leawood, KS


"It is with great pleasure to wholeheartedly endorse Mike Brooks and his audio program "The Secrets of the Top 20%." The information is put forth in an easy to understand format. It is well organized and contains the essential elements to guarantee your phone success.


I particularly enjoy listening to Mike because his auditory delivery provides an extraordinary example of what a real professional sounds like. His strategic use of embedded commands and unique employment of micro pauses powerfully causes attention on the part of the listener. Take note of this, for if you choose to employ this single auditory technique your sales will take off!


My recommendation is simple, buy "The Secrets of the Top 20%" CD series today!"


Nicol Alexander
Author Healthy Marriage, Loving Family, Nurturing Through Values
Dallas, TX



Just wanted to be sure to drop you a quick note to tell you how much our sales team has enjoyed and learned from your CD set - The Secrets of the Top 20%. We have been listening to them a few tracks at a time, then discussing in our weekly sales meetings. During the week, we listen for opportunities to put those tips to use . . . the team is great at catching each other using them and even suggesting to each other when they should be using one of the tips from the series!


Every member of our team is well on their way to being a Top 20% closer! Thanks for a great tool.

Cathy Gee

Sales Manager

Cyrious Software

Accelerate Productivity. Maximize Results.

2 N Bluford Ave

Ocoee, FL 34761



"I must say this CD-Series is AWESOME!!"

I've listened to some good sales cassettes in past, but this CD Series is the BEST. This is pretty much the one stop shop for all your Telesales training needs. I will never go anywhere else. I feel that I can sell anything over phone just by using his techniques. If you really want to increase commissions checks this is where you want to start."

William Owusu Alexandria, Va


SPECIAL OFFER: This powerful 5 CD-Series will retail for $595 (which is still a great deal considering how much you’ll learn and make using it!), BUT I’M OFFERING THE FIRST 250 COPIES FOR JUST $149!!


That’s more than a 50% discount, but HURRY, THE FIRST 100 WILL SELL OUT FAST!!


JUST $149!


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