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Mike’s articles, interviews, and expertise has been featured in articles, magazine, sites, and even colleges such as: Think Sales Magazine, Sales Gravy, Eyes On Sales, Sales Caffeine – Buy Gitomer – Sales HQ, Top Sales World, Business Success Café, Lorman Education Services, Top Dog Sales Secrets, LinkedIn, etc.



Mike Brooks is an internationally recognized leader in inside sales, and a bestselling author. His newest book, Power Phone Scripts, is used around the world as the go-to reference book for inside sales scripting and messaging to open and close sales effectively.

Mike’s previous books, The Ultimate Book of Phone Scripts, and The Real Secrets of the Top 20%, continue to be used by companies internationally to help them dramatically improve their sales performance. Real Secrets and some of Mike’s other articles are used as textbooks or included in textbooks for college courses on sales at universities such as Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis.

Mike started his career in the financial and securities industry and quickly became the top producer out of 5 branch offices in Southern California.  Mike consults with companies around the world, and in industries as diverse as insurance sales, Internet advertising, software sales, legal intake sales, and more. Unlike many sales consultants, Mike’s varied background allows him to work with both B2B & B2C companies.

Mike continues to be a leading thought leader in the inside sales space and his weekly blog and other articles and interviews are watched and read by thousands of sales professionals around the world.

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