Master the Fundamentals to Succeed

I was training a group of new reps last week, listening to one of their calls, and we found that the rep was ad-libbing right from the beginning of the call. The best practice script, which we had provided him, was far, far away…

This ad-libbing approach led to all the common problems we’ve chronicled before:

  • He didn’t qualify the prospect for timeline, budget, decision making steps or even buying motives.
  • He pitched “at” the prospect and didn’t use tie-downs, and so didn’t get buy in.
  • He dived right into pricing packages without finding out which one best suited the prospect.
  • He immediately dropped the price—without even receiving a price objection!
  • And many more errors…

I tried to teach him (and the other new reps) that pitching without mastering the fundamentals is kind of like painting before you understand the fundamentals of art, composition, and perspective.

You might have a lot of natural talent, have a lot of good ideas, have a good sense of color, but if you don’t know, for example, the proper use of perspective, then your paintings will always be somewhat “off.”

They may make sense to you—but to others?

All the great masters first learn the fundamentals of their craft before they start building upon them with their own style.

And it’s the same in sales. First, you need to know the basics—the fundamentals that will give your pitch focus and structure, then you can adapt your creativity, your talent, and intuition to a selling situation.

And, by the way, this applies for more experienced reps as well. If you’re a “pro” and you’re not making your numbers, then it’s time for you to go back to basics as well.

What to do? Dig out the most current version of your script and scripted rebuttals, and use them again.

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Either way, sales reps—both newer and more experienced—will always benefit from a proven, best practice approach.

Get yours, and start painting your masterpiece today!

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