“I Need to Think About It.”

If this objection frustrates you, then all that will end after you read this blog post.

First, remember: Most objections are smokescreens hiding the real reason a prospect isn’t moving forward.

Real objections can include things like:

  • They can get it cheaper somewhere else.
  • Their boss/spouse/purchasing won’t let them buy.
  • They like a different solution.
  • And many, many more reasons…

And “I want to think about it” is the perfect smokescreen.

Here’s one way I have successfully dealt with this and gotten the prospect to reveal what was really holding them back.

Pick one part of your offer (it could be the price, or the timeline for delivery, or the quality, or the guarantee, or the rate, whatever…) and say:

“That’s OK, and I’ve given you a lot to think about. Is it the price that you want to think about most?”

And then hit MUTE and listen to what your prospect reveals.

Often, they will tell you what it is, or they’ll tell you it’s something else.

And then you can deal with it!

If they say, “No,” then say, “OH?” and remain quiet—and listen to what they reveal.

Once you know what is really keeping your prospect from working with you, then you can deal with the real objection behind the smokescreen: “I want to think about it.”

Script this out for your product or service. Role play it in meetings. And then use it for a month and see what you find.

If you find the real objection even half the time, you’ll be that much closer to closing more sales!

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