How to Struggle Less, While Making More Sales

Jeffrey Gitomer tells a great story about how he once bet a client his entire training fee on whether there were more than eight objections their sales team got on a regular basis.

The client, sure their sales cycle was more complicated and therefore required more advanced closing techniques, considered the bet: If the sales team could come up with more than eight standard objections, then Jeffrey would do the training for free.

If there were eight or less, then the client would pay him double his fee…

After the client thought about it, he declined Jeffrey’s offer, and then he polled the sales team, and here were their common objections:

#1: Too expensive (don’t have the budget)

#2: Have to get approval

#3: Need to think about it

#4: Going to use their old vendor

#5: Need to get several quotes

#6: They needed a different solution



Turns out, this company’s “complicated sale” had just six objections they got 90% of the time. It’s a good thing (for the client) he declined Jeffrey’s offer!

And this is the key to how you can struggle less and close more business.

Because your product or service also has a set number of objections (usually under eight), the easy way to make more sales is to script out two to three responses to these recurring objections, memorize them, and then use them each time you get into one of these selling situations.

This will GREATLY reduce the work you do, and it will lead to you closing (more easily) more business.

This is the real “secret” to becoming a top producer at your company or in your industry.

Make it easy on yourself and do this exercise today. If you need some help with your scripts, then click here. You’ll find over 500 proven scripts you can start using today!

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