How to Overcome the "Just Email Me Something" Objection

If you prospect for a living, then I know you get the brush off, “Just email me your information.”

And if you then take the time to email something thinking that you’ll have something to discuss on the next call, then I know how deflated and frustrated you are when you attempt to get back to someone. Does, “Oh, it’s not for us” ring a bell? Or worse?

Here is what to say the next time you get the “Just email me something blow off:

“(First Name), I’ll be happy to do that. I’ve got over 600 pages of information I could email you, so let me just ask you a couple of quick questions to make sure I’m sending you something that fits your situation…”

Now ask them your qualifying questions!

This technique will save you hundreds of hours of calling and chasing unqualified and disinterested prospects because, finally, you’ll have a chance to disqualify out the non-buyers right away.

And, of course, you’ll also be able to actually uncover who the real, interested buyers are as well. How great will that be?

The profession of sales isn’t hard if you just take the time to prepare proven and effective responses to the selling situations you run into day after day. Unfortunately, 80% of sales reps will never do that and this is why they struggle.

Today, you have the chance to prepare YOUR response so you can move a little bit closer to Top 20% sales performance.

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