How to Handle, “Your Price is Too High”

Based on how successful my last blog was on handling the objection: “We’ve Already Got a Vendor for That,” I thought I’d give you another proven response to help you overcome the objections and resistance you get daily. In this case, “Your Price is Too High.”

The reason this is such a common objection is because your prospects have figured out it’s the best way to get sales reps to drop their price! And most do!

Top performing reps, however, know better . . .

They know the “Price is too high” objection is just another smokescreen. And they handle it using any of the following scripted techniques:

“Compared to what?”

[Listen here! Don’t rush in to answer…]


“Besides price, what’s important to you?”

[My personal favorite]

And the old Stan Billue technique that takes courage, patience, and finesse to use (but it’s SO effective—and fun to use!):


[Then remain completely quiet and let your prospect tell you what the REAL objection is!]

Once again, the price objection/smokescreen is just that: a smokescreen hiding the real objection. Unless you question it and get clarification, your only fallback is to lower your price! And that rarely gets you anywhere.

Try these the next time you get this objection and watch your sales and conversion rate soar!

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