How to Handle, “I Want to Think About It.”

Ah, the amorphous, “I want to think about it . . .”

At first glance, this seems hard to handle because it’s not really an objection, rather, it seems more like a stall. Because of this, it fools many sales reps who think that perhaps after a week or two the prospect might actually buy. But they rarely do.

Make no mistake: this is almost always a “no” disguised as a “maybe.” What you need to do is find out what’s behind this objection and whether or not you can compete with what the real objection is.

Here’s what to say:

“Just out of curiosity, how many other offers are you going to be comparing my offer with?”

[“I want to think about it” means they most likely have a better offer somewhere else. You’d better find out what it is.]


“Are you going to be thinking about the price or the (service, offer, product) that I’m offering?”

[Listen here to what they’re really going to think about.]


“To be honest, whenever I say I’m going to think about something, it usually means I’ve already made a decision to go with another option. Be honest with me, is that what’s happening here?”

[If it is, try to get them to elaborate and compare that other offer to yours.]

Questioning this objection is much better than saying, “Okay, when should I call you back,” which is what most sales reps say.

Like my suggestions from the last two weeks, try this the next time you get this objection, and see if you can have an open, honest discussion with your prospect. That’s the only way to win a sale.

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