How to Handle: I looked it over and not interested

Don’t you hate when this happens?

You felt like you had a really qualified and interested prospect, set the demo call, looked forward to what you thought was for sure your next sale, and…

Right out of the gate, they won’t even give you the chance to pitch them!

The good news is that this is a repeatable selling situation, and if you’re prepared for it with good scripted response (or three!), you’ll be that much closer to overcoming it and getting into your demo.

Here are three proven scripts you can use the next time your prospect tells you “I looked it over and I’m not interested…

Response #1:

“I was hoping you’d say that!

“Most companies that do, have skipped over the (explain a feature: your guarantee, or your top of class rating, etc.).

“But once they understand it, they actually find that they can benefit the most.

“Let’s do this…”

[Dive into your demo…]

Response #2: 

“I understand, and that’s perfectly OK. This may or may not be for you and that’s fine.

“Before you decide though, let me show you our pricing options and some of the features that would be most helpful for you. After that, you’ll be able to make the best decision.

“Do me a quick favor and open that email up that has the…”

[Must end by directing them to take an action…]

Response #3:


[Now Mute yourself and let them tell you why and in their answer you’ll find the opening you need to begin your pitch. Don’t underestimate the power of this technique—while it appears simple, it’s hard to use. Takes discipline, patience and confidence…]

Print these closes out and have them handy the next time you get this objection. Practice using them and find the one that works best for you!

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