How to be the Winning Quote

If your clients and prospects are getting several quotes to determine who to buy your product or service from, then I know you’re frustrated. When what you’re selling is essentially the same (and even when it isn’t but your prospect “thinks” it’s the same), it can be maddening to lose business to the lowest bid. Here’s what to do.

Since your prospect wants the best deal regardless of who provides it, then you need to show them that by providing you with the other leading quotes, you’ll be able to either validate they are getting the best deal, or you’ll be able to beat it. The point is that either way, your client will win. And that’s what they want anyway.

Use the following script the next time you find yourself in a bidding or quoting war:

“__________ whenever you have options, price is usually the first and easiest thing to compare. But the problem is, in comparing price what usually gets missed is comparing the actual service and value you’re getting. Tell you what I’ll do. Go ahead and send me over the other quote you have, and I’ll compare it directly to what we’re offering you now.

If I find that you are truly getting a better deal, I’ll tell you so. If I find that we can match it and even give you a better price and service then I’ll do my best to give you a better overall deal. Either way, you’ll win – how does that sound?”

Once again, this works because it gives your prospect or client what they want – the best overall deal. Plus, they love playing one vendor against another, and this way you can see what you’re up against. Hopefully, once you know that, you can offer them the best deal to win their business!