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Gatekeepers Best Practices

Learn how to get the gatekeeper to put you through over 80% of the time without screening you out!

Most sales reps hate prospecting because they don’t know how to effectively deal with the gatekeeper. Do your reps suffer from call reluctance because they are afraid of the gatekeeper? Do they regularly get screened out and told to “just send an email”? Or worse, are they told the prospect doesn’t take “these kinds of calls?”

If so, then your sales reps are probably making some basic errors that actually create this kind of screening. The good news is: There is a better way! In fact, these are the exact kinds of problem areas we provide solutions for in our online training program. And once your reps learn and use our best practice approaches, they will not only breeze past gatekeepers, but they will feel more confident in other selling situations as well! And how will that affect their attitude and results?

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What you’ll learn in this online training sample:

  • How sales reps actually create rejection and cause the screening they get
  • The three things you need to avoid doing
  • Exactly what to do instead - complete with word-for-word examples

“The telephone still remains the most powerful sales tool ever created. Let Dr. Inside Sales, AKA Mike Brooks, provide you with the winning words to engage, connect and sell more prospects. Mike’s scripts and playbooks are the perfect sales preSCRIPTion. Get yours today!”

—Jeffrey Gitomer, author of the Sales Bible and the Little Red Book of Selling

“I’ve known and trusted Mike Brooks for over a decade now, and as a result I’ve built my sales teams on many of the fundamentals that Mike Brooks teaches in his bestselling books of scripts and from hiring him to develop customized script playbooks for my teams. What I have always liked most about Mike's scripts is that they focus on the fundamentals of sales and don't get caught up in the latest hype or technology that can distract from the basics. Bottom line, they work!”

—Kevin Gaither, Senior Vice President of Sales, ZipRecruiter


Mike’s scripts show you how to get more appointments and make more sales by phone than you ever thought possible.”

—Brian Tracy, author Ultimate Sales Success

“What a difference meeting Mike Brooks and reading his two books, The Ultimate Book of Phone Scripts, Volume I, and his newest book, Power Phone Scripts, have made in my agency’s productivity. We have experienced double digit sales increases in a short period of time after working with Mike and developing a customized script book for our team. Mike, you have challenged me to live by your mantra: 'If they can do it, I can do it better.'”

—Bruce Adorian, State Farm Agent

“In Power Phone Scripts, you’ll discover a plethora of ways to develop interest, identify buyers, deal with common objections and more much. To achieve success, practice these scripts, internalize them and finally, make them your own. If you do, you will soon be selling more, with a lot less resistance.”

—Jill Konrath, author of More Sales, Less Time and SNAP Selling

“Mike’s new book, Power Phone Scripts, provides immediately usable and practical guidance that keeps our entire inside sales team focused on one consistent message. Hiring Mike to develop a customized script playbook has allowed us to reduce adlibbing, and enabled our company to measure our message effectiveness and make needed changes to improve results. We have embraced Mike’s proven sales techniques and scripts, and I highly recommend him and his processes as a great resource to improve sales performance and revenue results.”

—Mark Dunn, CPA, CBM, CGMA, MBA, CEO, Trojan Professional Services, Inc.

“Too few people are talking about the most important part of inside sales—improving the core selling skills of front line salespeople. Sales is all about conversations. Mike Brooks, Mr. Inside Sales, produces outstanding scripts of real world talking points that are required references for any inside sales professional or sales team. Salespeople need to know what to say in a variety of selling scenarios that happen every day. Mike fills the void with his books and customized script playbooks.”

—Steve Richard, Chief Revenue Officer

“All the questions a salesperson can potentially ask organized in a format that follows the sales process. What else can one ask for in a book of phone scripts? Great resources!”

—Trish Bertuzzi, author of The Sales Development Playbook

“In my opinion, Mike is the world's top authority on selling over the phone. If you want to double your income, listen to Mike.”

—Jeb Blount, Author of the Amazon #1 bestseller, People Buy You 

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