Free Script Review—First Three Companies Only!

Success in sales is easy—if you’re using the right messaging.

Unfortunately, many companies and reps still insist on winging it—and that makes your day-to-day jobs harder, and it leads to hit and miss success.

Proper scripting—knowing exactly what to say in each selling situation you get into—makes all the difference between struggling and missing quotas, or easily identifying buying motives and closing more sales.

I spend 80% of my consulting time these days correcting and improving companies messaging. And it DOES make all the difference.

I’m going to make an offer that I’ve never made before. Right now, I’m willing to review three companies opening/prospecting scripts absolutely free. (Not closing or presentation scripts.)

After I review them, I’ll give you my initial impression, and a couple of actionable tips to make them more effective.

Please note that I am NOT going to rewrite them. Instead, I’m going to tell you what I think they are missing, and I’ll provide a couple of tips to instantly make them better.

Also, this offer is good for the first three companies ONLY. If you are the fourth company, I’ll let you know you missed out.

So, if you want to take advantage of this valuable offer, simply email your opening script to:

Good luck being among the first three, and my suggestion is: Do it now—this offer will end quickly…

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Perfect for reps dealing with the following issues:

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  • Identifying decision makers
  • Qualifying prospects
  • Setting call back appointments that stick
  • Giving successful presentations and dealing with objections
  • Staying motivated