Four Ways to Handle the “I’m too busy” Brush Off

Let?s face it ? we?re all busy. This is especially true if you are cold calling and are lucky enough to actually get a decision maker on the phone. Just like you, they?ll be in the middle of at least three things and be on their way to or from a meeting. Because of this, one of the most frequent objections they use these days to brush you off the phone is the, ?I?m too busy/don?t have the time objection.?

Now here?s the thing: while this may be true, it doesn?t necessarily mean they don?t need or aren?t interested in what you have to offer. Like all initial resistance statements, what you must do with this objection is to quickly control the situation, assess whether or not your prospect is or can be interested, and then find a way to quickly qualify them.

Sound like a lot? It is if you?re not prepared with proven and effective scripts like these:

Here are four ways to handle the: ?I?m too busy, don?t have the time? brush off:

Response #1:

?I know that feeling; my desk is full of things I need to do, too. I?d be happy to schedule a time to call you back, but I don?t want to bother you if you?re really not interested. Let me ask you a quick question and be honest with me: If I could show you a (system/product/service) that is proven to (reduce your overhead, generate more sales, etc.), would it be worth it for you and I to take for just 5 minutes to see how it could work for you??

If NO: ?No problem. Before I go, who else do you know that might be able to use a system like this??

If Yes: ?Terrific. Do you have 5 minutes right now??

If No: ?I?m looking at my schedule, what is a good time later today??

Response #2:

?___________ you probably get a lot of calls like I do, and my initial reaction is to say I?m too busy as well. But I can explain this to you in just 3 minutes and if you think it can help you we can schedule more time later – and if you don?t we can part friends, is that fair??

Response #3:

?I?m with you. Before I schedule time to get back with you, just a quick question: Is it a priority for you to (fix or improve what your product or service will do for them) this quarter??

Response #4:

?I?m glad you?re busy, that means that you don?t have the time to waste looking at things you have no intention of taking advantage of. Quick question: If I could show you a proven way to (get the benefits of your product or service), is that something that you would invest 5 minutes learning more about??