Five Scripts You Need to Know by Heart

In my book, Power Phone Scripts, I talk about the secret of sales.

Yes, there is an actual secret to successful sales, and by following it you not only will overcome failure and frustration, but you’ll make more money, so much more easily, that sales will actually become fun.

Think of that.

And the secret is to be prepared for the recurring selling situations, blow offs, objections, and situations you get 80 to 90% of the time.

All top producers know automatically how to respond to objections like:

“I need to think about it.”

“I already have a supplier for that.”

“We’re not interested.”

And many more.

Here is a quick “cheat sheet” of five scripts/responses you need to print out, study, memorize, and use when you get in the following situations:

“I need to think about it.”


“That’s perfectly fine—I like to think about things too, of course. Quick question for you if you don’t mind: Are you going to be thinking about the budget for this, or whether or not to even do it?”

“I already have a supplier for that.”


“Of course you do, and that’s great. I’m not looking to replace them just yet; instead, I just want you to have other options in case things change and you have to start looking elsewhere. Let me ask you…”

Go back to your qualifying questions here and try to engage them.

“We’re not interested.”


“No worries—you’re still entitled to this information in case something changes for you in the future. Let me ask you: how much (of your product or service) do you currently use on a monthly basis?”

Two things here: #1) You’re trying to engage them and see if they’ll answer your question, and #2) You’re qualifying them for your product or service as well.

“I just don’t think this is for us.”


“You know, I love to learn. Do you mind if I ask why not?”

And number five may be familiar to my regular readers, but even for you, I have to ask: How often are you using it?

For any objection, stall, or comment you get and don’t know how to respond to, ask this:


And then hit your mute button and let your prospect tell you how to sell them.

Again, print these out, memorize them, and use them when you get any of the above recurring objections.

If you’d like over 500 more word-for-word scripts, then invest a few bucks in yourself and get a copy of my book: Power Phone Scripts.

Being prepared is the fastest way to double and even triple your sales.

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