Fear Pushes, Vision Pulls

This saying really resonated with me the first time I heard it. At that time I was selling over the phone, and I knew all about being driven by fear. I was afraid that if I didn’t make quota I would be fired. I was afraid that if I didn’t close any business before the end of the month I wouldn’t be able to afford my rent. I was afraid to cold call because no one seemed interested in what I was selling.

It was this fear that pushed me to show up. It was there in the morning when I awoke. As I laid there it overwhelmed me and pushed me out of bed. When I got to the office, and after I had procrastinated most of the morning away, it was there to push me to make cold calls. Later in the day it was there to push me to make closing calls. All day long (and the days turned into weeks and months) my fear of economic insecurity, of having made the wrong choices in my life, of what my future would be like, pushed me through my life as a salesman.

As I looked around my office I’d wonder what I was doing wrong and why others in my office looked and acted more confident and happy. The top producers driving the new cars and moving into their new homes didn’t look like they had much fear. The two bosses who owned the company didn’t look like they had the fear I had. In fact other producers who seemed to be trying hard and actually looked like they enjoyed the challenge and their successes didn’t seem to have the fear I did.

What was wrong, I wondered?

And then I heard the statement, “Fear pushes, Vision Pulls”. Someone asked me what my goals for the rest of the year were, and I couldn’t tell her. She asked me what got me excited in the morning, and I had to admit there wasn’t much. She asked me what I was looking forward to accomplishing in the coming years, and I didn’t have an answer. She asked me if I had specific goals in each area of my life that I could actually believe in, and I told her I didn’t. And that’s when she explained about the importance of having a vision for my life.

She told me that before I could have a dream come true I first had to have a dream. She explained that developing and having a vision that I could believe in was what made the tough times easier to bear and it made the good times more rewarding. She told me that it was easy to develop a vision and once I really believed that it could come true that it was then destined to manifest itself in my life.

After doing a lot of work with goal setting, affirmation setting, visualization and imprinting my goals into my subconscious, my visions did come true. Books like “The Secret” and “Beyond Positive Thinking” and “The Sermon on the Mount” helped me change my life and my thoughts, and I highly recommend books like these if you’d like to learn techniques and methods to help you manifest your dreams as well.

Over the years, though, what I’ve found to be important is that if I don’t keep painting a vision for my life then fear quickly sneaks back in to push me to take action again. While it works for a bit, it’s highly inefficient and it’s uncomfortable for me and for all those around me. When I’m driven by fear, my life quickly becomes unmanageable and I start asking myself all the old questions again. When that happens I know it’s time to create a new vision for my life.

What I’m doing right now is setting a two year vision for my life and just thinking about it has already rekindled the enthusiasm and spirit that were briefly missing over the last two months. Just mentioning this to my wife has invigorated her as well. Separately and then together, we are mapping out what the various areas of our lives are going to be like by the end of December 2013. We picked that date because it gave us enough time to get everything done and having that time is important to allow us to buy into and believe that it’s possible. That’s one of the keys manifesting.

The other key that has me so excited about the vision I’m creating is that it is balanced and includes all areas of my life – not just my business. I’m setting specific goals in terms of:

Health and fitness


Creative (in terms of books to write and publish)

Travel and fun!  There are trips to Europe, NFL football games, fall color tours and more

The vision includes daily, weekly, and monthly benchmarks, as well

And through it all I’m staying focused on exactly how I will feel when I’ve accomplished it all. I’ll tell you, I get excited just writing about it right now! I can’t wait to get on the phone! Over the last week I’ve woken up with a new energy and it’s the power of being pulled forward by vision.

If you’ve found yourself in a slump lately, or if you’ve detected some of the old fear creeping back into your life, then I encourage you to sit down over the upcoming holiday and write out some specific goals and to turn those goals into your vision. Read some of the books that inspire you to create the life you know you were meant to live, and share it with those who love you and whose lives will benefit from the dynamic and exciting vision you can create.

I guarantee you’ll feel better when you stop being pushed by fear and start being pulled by your vision…

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