Do This Before January…

Has your mind moved toward January yet?

It should have. 2022 will be here before you finish that last piece of pumpkin pie over the holidays…

If you haven’t done so yet, you should do this immediately: Decide on the exact amount of money you’re going to make next year.

Write it down on three by five cards, post it on your desk, in your car, in your bathroom.

Start to feel how your entire career, your entire year, your experience as a sales professional will change once you’ve made that number come true.

Think of your family, your savings, getting out of debt, taking time off.

Think of the home improvements (or buying your first home!), think of that new car, the added savings in your checking account.

How does all that feel?

Burn that vision into your mind now, and then affirm it over and over again. Instead of worrying on Sunday nights, think about your vision.

This is the key to peak performance in sales—and in everything else. Visualization.

For some help with this, invest in a few books:

“Your Best Year Yet,” by Jenny Ditzler

“The Advanced Formula for Total Success,” by Dr. Robert Anthony

Power Phone Scripts,” by yours truly.

Start now, December 7th, to begin imprinting your new sales number, and start working your way through the books above.

By doing this before January, you will get a huge jump on your competition, and you will set yourself up to succeed beyond your wildest imaginings in 2022.

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