Building Value during the Price Objection

How many times have you been told to build value when you get the price objection?

Managers tell reps to stress the quality, the warranty, the features and benefits, but your prospects have heard all that before, haven’t they? 

Want a better way?

Often times, services and products are roughly the same, and prospects will buy from the people they like, know or trust. 

What often makes the difference is your enthusiasm and belief in your company and what you’re selling.

Recognizing this, I often use the following script to not only build value in my product or service, but also to build value in the most important part of my product—myself. 

Here’s what to say:

If your prospects say, “I can get cheaper,” or “Well the XYZ company has something similar for less money,” or anything like that, say:

“You know _________ I’m aware of all the other options for this (product or service) and I’ll tell you now, if I thought any of them were better for my clients, I’d be working there and selling those.

“When I got into this industry I did my own research, just like you’re doing now, and I looked for the company that not only offered the best (product or service) but also delivered the best customer service and follow-up. 

“And these are the things you look for as well, right?”

“And after all that, I chose (your company) because they give my clients the best overall value and the best experience. And that means my clients continue to do business with me and refer new business to me as well.

__________, if there was a better product or company for you to do business with, I’d be there selling it. But there isn’t.

“Bottom line—if you want the best overall value, the best results and experience with this (your product or service) then do what I did—choose (your company)—you’ll be happy you did. 

“Now, do you want to start with the X size order or would the Y size order be better?”

This technique builds value in the most important part of any sales transaction—you and your belief in your product or service. 

[BTW: If you didn’t do research into competing companies, then let the prospect know why you did choose your company and what you like so much about working there and offering that product.]

Adapt this script to fit your personality, product, and company, and then get in the habit of using it whenever you feel the need to build more value.

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