Book Mike Brooks for Your 2021 Virtual Sales Event!

2021 Sales Kickoffs are going to be different this coming January. Many will be held virtually—but that doesn’t mean they can’t still be impactful and motivating.

Especially when you hire Mike Brooks, Mr. Inside Sales to kick off your sales event!

Mike can customize your keynote, breakout, or sales kickoff session and deliver a content rich, motivating message that will launch your team into action in January.

Did you know that Mike was named the 2017 + 2018 + 2019 Service Provider of the Year by the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals? (

Do you need customized keynotes or breakout sessions on subjects like:

  • Prospecting – Both B2B & B2C
  • Dealing with gatekeepers
  • Overcoming objections and Stalls
  • Virtual Presentation Skills
  • Setting follow-up appointments
  • Motivation and Attitude Adjustment
  • And much more!

Also, Mike is available for:

  • Virtual, customized inside sales training for your team
  • Creating Script Playbooks that will make everyone on your team more effective.
  • One on One coaching for sales leaders and individual producers
  • And, of course, amazing keynotes and breakout sessions!

Want an even more personalized sales conference event? Then purchase a copy of Mike’s latest book: Power Phone Scripts, for each team member, and have Mike sign and mail copies right to your office! This book will give your team even more takeaways and valuable techniques they will use all year long to make more sales!

Either call our office: (919) 267-4202 or email Mike directly:

P.S.: Reach out now before all Mike’s speaking dates are full!

All the best for 2021!

Need More Proven Responses to the Selling Situations You Face Every Day?


If your team is struggling with call reluctance and is tired of the endless rejection they face, then get instant access to our On Demand training today. We provide the exact talk tracks, templates, and proven tools your team will be motivated to apply, all structured around an award winning comprehensive inside sales approach that gives your team the confidence to succeed in every selling situation they face today.

Unlimited License: One to 100 reps can attend for one low price!

Perfect for reps dealing with the following issues:

  • Reps struggling with call reluctance
  • Getting screened out by the gatekeeper
  • Overcoming blow off objections like, “Just email me something”
  • Identifying decision makers
  • Qualifying prospects
  • Setting call back appointments that stick
  • Giving successful presentations and dealing with objections
  • Staying motivated