Happy With Who We’re Using

This blog post is for those of you who haven’t purchased and read any of my book of scripts yet (what are you thinking? 🙂 ) For those of you who are prospecting, this objection, “We’re happy with who we’re using,” is something you most likely encounter often. The question is: what do you say […]

Proven Way to Increase Sales

I received the following email from a previous coaching client of mine (Rino Racanelli). His email boils down my sales philosophy, and it shows how much success you can have if you follow just a couple of proven principles. I’m reprinting it below—word for word. The subject line was: “I took your advice”: Hi Mike, […]

Free Script Review—First Three Companies Only!

Success in sales is easy—if you’re using the right messaging. Unfortunately, many companies and reps still insist on winging it—and that makes your day-to-day jobs harder, and it leads to hit and miss success. Proper scripting—knowing exactly what to say in each selling situation you get into—makes all the difference between struggling and missing quotas, […]