The Simplest Way to Qualify

Problem: Salespeople talk too much when they finally get a prospect on the phone. They pitch features and benefits instead of asking questions and qualifying. They talk over their prospects and generally learn very little about what it takes to close a sale. Result? They may get some leads out and set up some “demos […]

Say This to Get Better—Right Now!

Want some quick (and easy!) tips that will make you better Right Away? You’ll find them below, and I guarantee that if you use them, you’ll not only identify buyers faster, but you’ll feel more confident, you’ll close more sales, and your income will grow—starting today. Here are quick/easy things you can say to make […]

4 Proven Ways to Get Better in 2023

Want to make 2023 your best year ever? I guarantee that if you just take time to follow the four steps below, you’ll make more money this year than you ever have. Guaranteed. Step One: Take time to carefully script out word-for-word rebuttals to the common objections you get repeatedly. You know you should do […]