Ghosted? Here’s what to do…

Ghosted—just the sound of this is chilling. But when you’ve done a presentation and then don’t hear back from a prospect, it can often mean the kiss of death. What to do? Here are three things I do to avoid being ghosted: #1: Because prospects are pitched all the time, and because the majority of […]

5 Closing Questions You Need

Note to my readers: Because of my heavy client load, I am reducing my blog articles to bi-weekly starting today. Your next blog will arrive on Tuesday, August 17th. Ever feel stalled during a close? Wouldn’t it be convenient to have a list of 5 questions you could use to get your prospect talking, to […]

Spectacular Summer Sale!

Summer kind of slow? Top pros are using this time to sharpen their sales skills so they can make a killing in the fourth quarter. They’re using the summer to learn better ways of responding to the objections that hurt them in the first part of the year. Why not invest a little money and […]

One Question to Determine Buyers

How would you like to have just one question that will almost always positively identify a buyer? Believe it or not, there is such a question, and it’s an easy question, but very few sales reps have ever thought to ask it. Or, if they do know what that question is, they are afraid to […]

How to Pitch Multiple Products

Rookie mistake: You’ve got several products or services you can offer a prospect, and you start by offering the first, or main one, then hear an opening for another one so pivot to that one, and describe another—and then another. Result? Stalled sale. “Let me think about these and get back with you.” Sound familiar? […]

This is the Secret of Sales

Imagine if there was a secret to successful selling. Imagine if there was one concept, one rule you could learn and follow, and if you learned and applied this rule, then you would successfully be able to sell any product or service you chose to. And not only would you be able to sell these […]

One Mistake to Avoid When Pitching

Here’s a mistake I hear over and over again when listening to sales reps pitching or presenting their services over the phone: when they hear a possible objection or something negative from their prospect, they go into pitch mode. It’s as if they think they just need to tell the prospect more, or list endless […]

Less is More in Sales

Sales people like to talk; if you don’t believe me, just listen to a recording of one of your reps (or of yourself!). This is a problem. And that’s because when your mouth is open, your ears are closed. And when your ears are closed, you learn nothing about your prospect’s buying motives, their possible […]

Qualifying: Before or After Your Presentation?

I was working with a new client this week, and I listened to a recording of their presentation and it went like this: Hello, how are you doing—brief rapport building Deep dive into their presentation—including features and benefits Qualifying to see what the client was most interested in. How does this sound to you? Is […]

3 Ways to Overcome Call Reluctance

Picking up the phone and making “cold calls” has never been easy, and this has prevented many reps from making the calls that can make them more sales and more income. Instead, reps these days tend to spend more time communicating on social media and sending emails. Top reps still prefer to pick up the […]