Assumptive Questions: The Quick Way to Improve Your Selling Skills

If you would like to instantly improve your selling skills—and so your open and close rate—you can do so by taking just a few minutes to complete the following exercise (don’t worry, it’s easy and fun!).

What you’ll do is make a list of all the common closed ended questions you ask, and then turn them into assumptive questions instead! I’ll get you started:

For the Gatekeeper:

Closed ended: “Is _______ available?” (or—“Can I talk to _______?)

Assumptive: “Hi, can you connect me with ________ please?” (or just—“Hi, ________ please.”)

Questions while qualifying:

Closed ended: “Do you ever use an outside vendor?”

Assumptive: “How often do you use outside vendors?”

Closed ended: “Are you the best person to speak to about this?”

Assumptive: “How do you get involved in this?”

Following up on emails sent or information sent:

Closed ended: “Did you get a chance to read the email I sent?”

Assumptive: “I’m sure you browsed the email I sent, question: how do our capabilities line up with what you’re looking for?”

Closing the sale:

Closed ended: “Do you have any questions?”

Assumptive: “What questions do you have?”

Closed ended: “Does this sound like something you’d like to do?”

Assumptive: “Would you like to start with the X package or the Y package?”

Based on these closed ended questions, I’ll bet you use many of them now, don’t you? Again, if you want to immediately improve, make the switch today to assumptive questions. You’ll see a change the better right away!

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